Test and Development

Quality Rollout of the Newest Innovations

Test and development solutions must continually scale to meet the growth demands of network-driven services, while accounting for ever-evolving technology changes. Before any service is deployed, lab testing must validate that it meets customer expectations for quality, by emulating thousands of end-user devices accessing the network.

Ace the Test

Major challenges of successful deployment include:

  • Increasing expectation from customers to deliver more functionality in a shorter time-frame, without compromising customer QoE
  • Pressure to reduce cost, while delivering innovative, high-quality products with more capacity
  • The need for flexible solutions that address a wide array of evolving technologies
  • Assurance that all technology and services work efficiently in pre-deployment

Ready for Deployment

VIAVI solutions, including the ONT product family, help to validate that equipment will be ready to deploy. Network equipment and component manufacturers know that network operators will be using an ONT in their evaluation and qualification. Therefore, utilizing the same toolset for systems verification puts manufacturers one step ahead – avoiding the risk of a product recall when problems are detected in the field. Sophisticated stress tests also help to ensure that next-generation CFP4 and QSFP28 optics are ready for the challenge.

Flexible, configurable parameters let you efficiently and cost-effectively manage testing across the complete system and scale to meet real-world scenarios. In addition, tools like SART (Signalizing Analyzer Real Time) and PacketInsight can be used for interoperability and voice-quality testing, correlating the user and control plane in real time.

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