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Testing for research and development and manufacturing requires equipment that is at the leading edge of technology. The equipment used in these arenas requires continuous innovation and advancements to not only support the technological achievements of our generation, but to drive the evolving technological advancements of generations to come.

VIAVI Solutions is supporting such development by offering the following solutions for R&D and manufacturing test:

VIAVI offers an XGIG platform that supports the latest PCIe, NVMe, and CXL specifications for link and transaction testing, analysis, and advanced debugging, providing trigger and search capabilities to reduce problem resolution time. 

The VIAVI Xgig® Platform for PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 is an integrated system that allows analyzer, exerciser, and jammer functionality on the same platform, allowing users to cost-effectively configure equipment to meet their specific requirements. A full complement of Interposers and probes allows the Xgig® to attach to popular PCIe and NVMe connector interfaces like CEM, U.2/U.3, M.2, EDSFF, MCIO, and more. 

Ensuring security, resilience, and reliability in a private military 5G network.

VIAVI can help model networks and radio profiles to ensure objectives are met to ensure the network meets performance requirements. VIAVI network test solutions emulate user equipment (UE) /traffic generation at scale as well as provide Core Test, Open Radio Access Network Test (O-RAN), and Emulation use cases. 

VIAVI offers a portfolio of network testers aligned to 3GPP and O-RAN standards to test networks from the radio to the core. The portfolio includes the VIAVI TM500, which emulates the UE/devices to test the network, and the TeraVM, which emulates the domain network / the core network. The TM500 and Tera VM are commercially respected solutions based on industry network specifications that VIAVI experts helped to define. 

Fiber optics are now common in military and aerospace applications, but the test challenges are different than with traditional telecom cables. Hardened cables cannot be terminated with conventional mandrel wrapping and gel blocks. Insertion Loss (IL) / Return Loss (RL) testing requires pulsed-based return loss, with flexible windows for harness testing. MIL/AERO connectors tend to have multiple pins and sockets that require specific guides and inspection tips. Multimode cable test requires specific mode-fill conditions for accurate testing.

The VIAVI MAP PCT Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) Test Modules (mORL) offer a wide range of production and field microscopes with 400+ tips, guides, and adapters to cover every application.

Engineers, manufacturers, and technicians responsible for designing or maintaining RF systems and radios often use multiple pieces of test and measurement equipment for accurate test and verification. VIAVI offers a comprehensive communications test and measurement solution that replaces multiples test and measurement devices.

The CX700 ComXpert Radio Test Set System provides a comprehensive, versatile, all-in-one communications test system. TheCX700 revolutionizes testing for radio manufacturers as well as depot-based and field-deployed military personnel by delivering all-in-one high-performance synthetic instrumentation for production, depot-level, and field tests of current and future radios and waveforms

The VIAVI product portfolio includes an all-in-one, integrated development and test solution for use with Software Communications Architecture V4.1 (SCAv4.1) based software defined systems. 

Raptor is an integrated SCA development and test environment that provides tools for the development of software-defined systems based on SCAv4.1 and to assist in finding and/or solving RF communications signal quality, spectral monitoring, interference, and environmental RF issues. SCA Suite is currently in use by the US DoD certification lab for the development of the SCA certification tools, making Raptor the perfect solution for developing and testing complex embedded software-defined systems as found in tactical communications, electronic warfare (EW), signal intelligence (SIGINT), and Radar systems.

If you are searching for a solution to develop, certify, test, and repair Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) and transponders, search no further.

The VIAVI IFF-45TS test set provides RF signal generation and parametric measurement of MK XIIA and TACAN equipment. The IFF-45TS emulates either a TACAN ground transponder or a TACAN airborne interrogator, providing six TACAN test modes as well as Transponder and Interrogator Test modes. IFF-45TS is equipped with an integral Mode 5 emulator to perform Mode 5 testing without requiring cryptographic applique and keys. Options are available to support specific test requirements such as DoD AIMS 04-900A, DO-260B, AIMS 03-1000B, Amendment 1, and DO-181E certification testing.

The RGS-2000NG TCAS Test Set is an RF signal generator/ receiver for testing Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), with an option available for testing transponder LRUs. The RGS-2000NG is used by all major TCAS OEMs for engineering development, design verification, certification, manufacturing, and return-to-service testing. Equipment tested includes TCAS computers, ADS-B In receivers (including ground station), ADS-R and TIS-B ground station transmitters, and Mode S/ADS-B Out transponders (with transponder option, RGSNGOPT10).

Do you need to design and deploy innovative network slices with confidence, upgrade a complex private network with zero risk, or scale your military application development and validation platform?

VIAVI provides solutions that allow you to build digital replicas of the physical network and service infrastructure to work with confidence. The TeraVM is an application emulation and security performance solution that delivers comprehensive test coverage for application services, wired and wireless networks. TeraVM offers a virtualized solution enabling the flexibility to run anywhere - lab, datacentre, and the cloud, with consistent performance coverage, ensuring highly optimized networks and services can be delivered with minimal risk. 

The TM500 Family of products are used for functional, system integration, capacity and stress testing in the lab and emulate thousands of mobile devices, across multiple cells, to set-up and test 4G and 5G Base Stations. TM500 provides the solution to ensure the delivery of high performance and stable gNBs.

How do you characterize photonic circuits and test quantum computer components when faced with the physical issues associated with fibre cables and connectors, and the fact that these systems run cryogenically? How do you detect system vulnerabilities and security breaches that are so small they do not disrupt data transmission?

The VIAVI MAP-300 is a third-generation optical test and measurement system that is optimized for compact cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical communications technology. The MAP-300 builds upon the proven strengths of the MAP System, while adding innovation where it matters most for our customers. Backwards compatible support for the installed automation base, combined with several new features, including an HTML-based GUI for multi-user environments, gives customers the capabilities they need to achieve their goals. 

OCETs Plus Environmental Test System

The VIAVI OCETs Plus Environmental Test System is an integrated automated test facilities for testing long-term reliability of optical components while subjected to environmental stress conditions in a temperature/humidity chamber. 

OCETS Plus is the evolution of the classic OCETS system that has been shipping for over a decade. The classic OCETS hardware specifications and software algorithms have been improved to meet the latest market requirements for optical component qualification testing, such as those driven by Verizon’s FOC program. 

The core of OCETS Plus is a pair of custom-grade programmable switches (1xN configuration). OCETS switches are specified to higher levels of IL repeatability and background RL than analogue-grade switches. Therefore, the implementation of an OCETS Plus system represents an improvement over the capability of any in-house system that utilizes analogue-grade switches. In addition to the programmable switches, OCETS Plus is a hardware platform that comprises Fabry-Perot lasers, a source switch, directional switches, a polarization controller, high directivity couplers, and a power meter.

The VIAVI ONT-800 is highly configurable, multi-protocol, multi-port, test platform that supports 100G, 200G and 400G data rates for research and development of high-speed Free Space Optic Communication (FSOC) devices. The ONT-800 is a versatile solution, provides various form factors: QSFP-DD, QSFP-56, CFP2-DCO, QSFP28 for tasks such as troubleshooting and helping to identify design flaws, verifying key features like FEC and DSP and error-free communication.

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