Xgig Exerciser Host Test Stand Interposer Module for PCI Express 5.0

Interposer Module for PCI Express 5.0 Platform

The PCIe Exerciser Host Test Stand provides connectivity and power to a PCIe adapter card endpoint for testing and qualification.

The VIAVI Solutions Xgig® Exerciser Host Test Stand for PCIe 5th generation complements the Exerciser and is intended for developing, debugging and performance tuning PCIe adapter cards and their controllers and firmware. The Test Stand provides a PCIe CEM slot for connectivity and power to the adapter card endpoint Device Under Test (DUT).

Working together with the Xgig 5P16 Analyzer/Exerciser/Jammer Platform for PCI Express 5.0 chassis, the test stand enables debug and verification of new controller ICs, firmware tuning, and validation of application software. It supports testing of Ethernet, RAID controllers, graphics cards and many other device functions. The Exerciser Host-mode Test Stand uses high-speed cabling to connect to the Analysis Platform running the Exerciser function.

Please contact your local VIAVI representative for details or find more product options on our PCIe Test Equipment page.


  • Operates up to 32GTps at PCIe 5.0 data rates
  • Downward compatible with PCIe data rates of 2.5, 5.0, 8.0 and 16.0GTps
  • Supports link widths up to 16-lanes
  • CEM adapter card endpoint DUT devices plug directly into the Test Stand
  • Includes cables for Analyzer connection
  • Supports Analyzer side-band signal capture and triggering with display in multiple formats
  • Data path uses high-speed re-drivers to ensure good signaling
  • Supports automatic link tuning for optimum communication and lowest BER
  • Modular, replaceable 600W power supply powers Test Stand and DUT
  • Supports testing of high-power graphics cards
  • LEDs give quick indicators of power and status
  • Size: Base Pod: 120 x 162 x 30 mm (DxWxH)
  • Works with the VIAVI Xgig5P-PCIe5-X16-PF Analyzer/Exerciser chassis platform
  • Supported by VIAVI Xgig™ Analysis tools for test setup, trace capture, protocol evaluation, etc.
  • Provides consistent, repeatable capture of link training, equalization negotiation and other information



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