Interference Hunting

Detect, locate, and eliminate RF interference

Radio frequency (RF) interference can cause major quality of experience issues for your customers. Dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality, and reduced data throughput can all be caused by interference.

The Importance of Interference Hunting

Identifying and rectifying interference issues in a mobile environment is a challenging but critical task. Mobile users near the interference source will experience degraded call success rates, increased dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality, and reduced data throughput. Detecting, locating, and eliminating sources of RF interference is critical in maintaining good user experience throughout the network.

VIAVI offers multiple solutions to help you quickly and easily identify interference sources, minimizing your headaches, and helping you reduce customer churn.

  • Product Release

    InterferenceAdvisor: Automated Interference Hunting

    An easy-to-use solution that allows users to quickly locate an interference source by following guidance on a tablet-based map application.

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    Headache-Free Interference Hunting

    Learn a streamlined approach for detecting, identifying, and locating interference, using the most efficient tools and processes available.

Reduce Customer Churn by Managing RF Interference

Service providers have spent billions of dollars acquiring RF spectrum to increase network capacity and to offer exceptional QoS to their customers. Unfortunately, interference reduces coverage area by desensitizing the receiver and increasing the noise floor, and is a key driver of customer churn.

VIAVI InterferenceAdvisor is the industry’s best interference locating solution, allowing one engineer to quickly and easily identify any interference source, even in an urban environment. Investing in InterferenceAdvisor to deliver exceptional QoS can pay off quickly by improving customer retention and loyalty.

InterferenceAdvisor is very easy to use, very quick to find the source, really nice user interface, much better than competitive solutions we have seen.

Tier-1 Mobile Network Operator, UK

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