Quick Tip Videos: OneExpert CATV

The OneExpert CATV signal analysis meter platform makes every technician an expert. The following videos take a closer look at the OneExpert CATV Series, highlighting key features, controls and workflow methods that help users utilize the capabilities of this CATV Service Activation tool.

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Section 1: Unit Overview and General Setup

  • Unit Overview

    This short video will take you through all the basic functionality to get you started with your new meter

  • Tray Menu

    Learn how to increase your productivity by placing common tests and features in the tray menu

  • CATV Settings

    Learn the importance of CATV Settings for testing with the OneExpert

  • System Settings

    Take a closer look at the various customization options available for your meter in system settings

  • File Browser

    Learn how to view, edit, share and delete test files on the OneExpert CATV

  • OneExpert CATV Firmware Upgrade

    This short video will take you through three methods for upgrading your OneExpert CATV's firmware build.

Section 2: Test Applications

  • OneCheck Application

    Learn how to quickly get a snap shot of critical measurements in OneCheck

  • Channel Check for DOCSIS 3.1

    Learn how to use Channel Check to get detailed Live measures of your channel plan

  • DSAM Ingress Scan Comparison

    The OneExpert CATV has several key advantages over the DSAM when it comes to ingress scanning. This short video will compare the ingress scann applications of these two platforms.

  • DSAM to ONX Sweep Test Comparison

    Learn the differences between the DSAM 6300 and ONX 630 Sweep Tests

  • Ethernet Speed Test

    Learn about the importance of ethernet through testing at a customer premises to ensure SLAs and user experience expectations are being met.

  • Fiber-Inspection and MP-60/80

    The OneExpertCATV has the fiber inspection tests you need for customer service activiations. This short video will teach you how to inspect fiber endfaces and take power measurements.

  • TDR

    The OneExpert CATV make it easy for technicians to pinpoint line faults. This short video will teach how to use the TDR Application to find line faults.

  • iOS Application

    Increase your productivity by turning your iOS device into a remote control and viewing platform for the OneExpert CATV.

  • WiFi Application

    Learn how to setup the OneExpert as a Wifi Access point and how to employ this feature in a real world scenario.

  • WiFi Scan

    Learn how to use the WiFi Scan Application to evaluate and optimize wifi networks on your customers premises.

    Section 3: Data Management via Stratasync