Transport Technologies and Testing Strategies for 5G Deployment

Mittwoch, November 13, 2019

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Service providers on the leading edge of 5G rollouts are pushing the limits of transport networks and fiber infrastructure that was designed for earlier technologies. As high-bandwidth, low-latency applications such as IoT, connected cars and virtual presence become mainstream, operators will need strategies and tools to ensure that their front-, mid- and backhaul networks can stand up to the stringent new requirements 5G brings.

Light Reading and VIAVI Solutions invite you to join Heavy Reading analyst Sterling Perrin and VIAVI thought leaders Reza Vaez-Ghaemi and Kashif Hussain to discover key considerations for preparing and testing transport networks for 5G.

Key Topics Include:

  • 5G Ecosystem Requirements
  • Transport (Back-, mid- and fronthaul)
  • Testing for Transport Applications
  • Timing and Sync Technologies
  • Timing and Sync Testing

Webinar attendees will receive a set of indispensable resources to assist in understanding the challenges and preparing the network: Operator Strategies for 5G Transport: 2019 Heavy Reading Survey, the newly released VIAVI 5G Fronthaul Handbook and companion 5G Fronthaul Infographic.