ONE LabPro

Traffic Generation and Analysis for L2/L3 High-Speed Ethernet

High port count, multi-rate Ethernet network performance test system up to 800GE integrating insightful Physical Layer, FEC and MAC/IP for lab and live testing

ONE LabPro
ONE LabPro
ONE LabPro

VIAVI ONE LabPro™ simplifies and accelerates high-speed Ethernet tests in labs and live test bed environments.  It is a multiport Ethernet performance validation and debugging test system for R&D, system verification and production, providing high-speed traffic load testing, system delay performance testing and switch fabric performance testing.  ONE LabPro is designed for Network Equipment Manufacturers, IC Designers, High Speed Module Suppliers, ICPs and Service Providers who work on high-speed Ethernet projects up to 800GE.

ONE LabPro consists of HSE-800 Test Modules, ONE Controller and ONE LabPro Software Suite.  The VIAVI HSE-800 Module provides 8 x QSFP-DD800 testing covering native and breakout line multi-rates including PAM4 and NRZ SerDes from 50GE to 800GE.  These test modules are connected and controlled through the ONE Controller C1 which can orchestrate up to 16 x HSE-800 Test Modules.  Dynamic licensing through the Controller allows application-initiated dynamic allocation of features to any connected test module and port.


  • Highly scalable and flexible solution optimizes tool management
  • Faster path and less expertise required to automate test cases
  • Unique physical layer and Ethernet multi-flow functionality in one test system
  • “Pay as you grow” dynamic software licensing model
  • Fully-inclusive, predictable service offering results in lower cost of ownership

Key Features

  • Supports all speeds from 100G up to 800G
  • Ethernet multi-flow with thousands of traceable flows
  • Modernized, easy-to use Web UI
  • Controller-based dynamic software licensing
  • True web-based data mining and reporting
  • Advanced Python test automation
  • Physical layer, stress FEC logic, MAC/IP insight
  • Support for Direct Attached Copper (DAC) and enhanced Optical Module Management


  • Traffic generation and analysis
  • Data plane and control plane testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • R&D design and validation
  • System Verification Testing (SVT)
  • Manufacturing test

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