SART for UMTS Femtocell (J7361A) (Discontinued)

A high-performance solution for 2/2.5/3/4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization. Real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities enable network engineers to perform detailed historical data analysis.

VIAVI has extended its proven Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) to include Femtocells. SART already supports all existing wireless technologies—2G, 3G, LTE—as well as service delivery platforms such as IMS and VoIP. SART for Femto is a crucial extension because Femtocell technology significantly benefits both carriers and subscribers and is sure to achieve widespread deployment. Femtocells enable operators to offload traffic from an outdoor network to broadband-based access points within buildings, which provides more outdoor capacity and higher performance; it improves indoor voice quality; and it also allows operators to reach subscribers in previously uncovered rural areas. However, the technology is still emerging, and network equipment manufacturers and service providers need a comprehensive test tool to meet development and maintenance challenges.

SART for Femto’s real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities enable network engineers to move quickly from the lab through trials to successful deployments, scale for growth, and perform detailed historical data analysis. The solution supports both standards-based and proprietary femtocell implementations.

Specifically, SART for Femto allows users to:

  • properly dimension deployment and core network services;
  • interpret, correlate and analyze protocol messages on both sides of the gateway that connects femtocells to mobile networks in IuH implementations;
  • monitor within the IMS framework to identify calls related to femto access points in SIP-based IMS implementations;
  • identify femtocells in large structures with multiple cell phones that overload the core network by attempting unauthorized access through femto;
  • evaluate femtocell performance in relation to third-party broadband connections; and
  • examine problems that important customers have experienced in the past.

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