Switch - Benchtop/Rackmount Programmable (Discontinued)

Programmable benchtop/rack-mount switches that can be controlled from front panel keys and numeric pad or via GPIB and serial RS232 interface.

The VIAVI SB and SC Series of Benchtop/Rack-mount Programmable Switches can be controlled using the front panel keys and a numeric pad or via GPIB and serial RS232 interface. The SB and SC series switches are available in three basic configurations.

  • C configuration: is a single common input model (SB, SC)
  • D configuration: provides simultaneous connection of a bank of input fibers to output fibers (SB, SC)
  • E configuration: allows for connecting any input to any output while other inputs/outputs are aligned to subsequent/adjacent channels. The switch is non-blocking in this mode and other inputs/outputs are aligned (SB, SC).

Operation of these switches is based upon the VIAVI-proven expanded beam lens technology, which utilizes a precision stepper-motor to align optical channels. The
use of collimating lenses minimizes insertion loss (IL) and improves repeatability and performance. Internal temperature control of the switching mechanism ensures excellent operational stability.

Both single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) versions of the SB and SC series switches are available. The series features the high level of performance required for multi-unit testing in R&D and in manufacturing environments. The compact, portable SB switch and the standard rack-mount enclosure SC switches are highly
suited for applications in telecommunications, manufacturing, and test environments.

The VIAVI SB and SC switches are known in the fiber optics industry for their low IL and excellent repeatability. In addition to the many standard options available, VIAVI can also customize switches in this series to meet your specific application needs.

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