Assurance Solutions for Fixed Voice (Discontinued)

The Challenge
A transition to VoIP and IMS that is less than seamless will heavily impact revenues, OPEX and result in unhappy customers. Without monitoring, disruption will result in multiple subscriber-related problems per day, each requiring up to several hours to resolve. Service related problems could go undetected for extended intervals with daily cost per incident running to dollar amounts of six figures. It is therefore crucial that service providers monitor their fixed IP networks.

How VIAVI Can Help
The VIAVI fixed voice solution is the industry’s most proven VoIP and IMS monitoring and management solution, delivering powerful integrated analysis capabilities to monitor and manage VoIP and IMS networks. Implemented in some of the world’s largest networks, our solution ensures quality of service, network connectivity, and media quality, all for the purpose of increasing reliability, lowering operational costs and delivering impressive customer satisfaction that positively affects the bottom line.

What Separates Agilent from the Competition

  • Rapid fault detection, isolation and resolution of network issues
  • Provides the test and monitoring industry’s most complete correlation across VoIP protocols for end-to-end visibility of IP services
  • The only truly scalable distributed VoIP architecture for IP wireline on the market
  • VIAVI allows you to characterize your network down to the individual user and session
  • Intelligent KPI alarming targeted at specific/custom network services
  • Proven in many of the world’s largest networks 

Leverage VIAVI experience to ensure the success of your next generation of services.

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