REC Alert

A simple but very important, easy-to-use tool for network operating centers to monitor their most critical calls: Railway Emergency Calls (RECs).

Railway & MCx Assurance - REC Monitoring


  • Monitoring: All-in-one railway emergency call (REC) solution.
  • Real-time: Displays complete REC details in real time, as well as historical RECs.
  • Mapping: Locate and view RECs on a map.
  • Reports: Multi-format and customizable reports that can be sent automatically when an REC occurs.

Understand why REC monitoring is critical
REC Alert displays operators’ most critical and highest priority calls (classified as level 0) which are generated by conductors to report an emergency and request assistance. They usually occur when a danger is detected on the tracks, when a train malfunctions and/or by error (false alarms) due to the improper use of a GSM handset. RECs cause safety concerns and train delays, which can result in cost increases if railway operators do not handle them properly.

Get the full picture on RECs
Used in combination with EVOIA Assure, it allows railway operators a very advanced view for specific or multiple RECs, with the option to focus on connection establishment duration, diffusion rates to either cells or call participants, complete call tracing including all the bits and bytes, and more. RECs are stored as long as the railway operator wants. This is particularly important for legal reasons, as following an incident, authorities might request that a railway operator prove that it has done everything in accordance with its safety procedures.

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