Calibration Programs for Avionics and Radio Test Products

Calibration is required to ensure that the readings made by VIAVI avionic and radio test products continue to meet performance specifications and user’s required accuracy.

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Find calibration intervals

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The benefits of our service program are:

 "Priority Processing" for each unit

  • Agreed turn times for maintenance and calibrations
  • One price coverage
  • 60 day advance calibration reminders
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Components will age over time and at some point the readings will no longer be in the specified parameters of the instrument. In order to maintain the integrity of this instrument, a calibration interval must be established. The calibration interval is the responsibility of the end user and is determined by the application measurement accuracy requirements. Select the appropriate Model Number to view the Manufacturer’s recommended calibration cycle. Contact (800) 835-2350 for questions about units not listed.

VIAVI offers two calibrations:

  • Standard Calibration which tests all parameters of the instrument for optimal measurements.
  • ANSI Z540-1 Calibration which tests all parameters of the instrument for optimal measurements with Pre and Post data readings.

To help maintain calibrations and repairs, Service contracts are available at a discounted price through VIAVI. If you are interested in a Service Contract for any of your units please contact (800) 835-2350. To return this instrument for Service please request a Return Authorization by contacting (800) 835-2350 or by visiting Request an RMA

Full Maintenance and Calibration Program

ISO-9001 certified. A VIAVI Full Maintenance and Calibration Support Program is the best way to reduce unplanned costs and lower the ownership costs associated with maintaining your equipment. The Full Maintenance and Calibration Support Program is comprehensive and ensures that your instruments are kept at peak operating performance with minimum downtime and delays for your customers. Entering into a Full Maintenance and Calibration Support Program means no time is lost through needing to obtain quotes or purchase orders - everything (except customer induced repairs) is covered - so the instrument is returned quickly to you. Also, installation of any firmware upgrades and applicable reliability modifications applicable are included with ANSI Full Maintenance Support. We return to you a test instrument set to our highest performance standards. With our workshop priority system, Support Program customers are automatically identified and prioritized appropriately.

You can return your instrument to VIAVI for servicing as many times as required with no further cost to your company. The Full Maintenance Support Program helps in budgeting - you already know what you will spend to maintain the unit, so there are no surprises. It also guarantees a price, regardless of any increases in the cost of material or labor; you will pay one price for the period of the contract.

VIAVI provides you with a flexible approach to support. The Full Maintenance and Calibration Support Program can be offered on a Return-to-Factory (RTF) or On-Site basis (not available on all products). If the Support Program does not quite fit what you are looking for, VIAVI is willing to listen to your needs and offer you the best support program tailored to benefit your business.

Term Calibration Support Program

An essential part of owning VIAVI Test Equipment is keeping the unit working at its optimal performance. As you know, the cost of maintaining your equipment at its peak performance can be expensive. To extend the peak performance, it is necessary to have the equipment routinely calibrated. You are guaranteeing the best reults by having your equipment calibrated. By not calibrating your equipment regularly, you risk improper test results, which can result in dissatisfied customers.

Depending on the model of equipment that you own, it may be necessary to have your equipment frequently calibrated. The Standard Term Calibration & ANSI Term Calibration Support (a three-year, calibration-only service of your instrument) is offered with additional benefit of significant savings over our flat-rate calibration prices (based on a per-year basis). VIAVI will perform the calibration on your unit at the recommended periodic interval with the convenience and cost savings of no additional purchase order generations and no return shipment cost to you in the continental US.

Avionics & Radio Test Metrology - Calibration Policy

We are an industry leader in our core business has always been cognizant that calibration of product plays a critical role in all aspects of the product design, manufacture, inspection, test processes and in turn the production of quality products, service, and support for our customers. Click here for more information.