Xgig 1000 32/128 G FC & 25/50/100 GE Analyzer

The first comprehensive, multiprotocol instrument for all SAN/NAS technologies

Extensive Xgig capabilities and flexibility provide unmatched network visibility to more easily identify and resolve problems, accelerate new product design, and speed time-to-market.

The VIAVI Xgig 1000 32/128 G Fiber Channel and 25/50/100 G Ethernet platform is the only product that addresses 8G/16G/32G/128G FC and 10/25/50/100 GE in an integrated, portable platform with reconfigurable ports.  This is a successor to the Xgig 1000 16 G FC and 10/40 GE platform offering the same advantages and value of being a protocol test tool in manufacturer R&D labs and helping field installers deploy and troubleshoot data centers. It is also the only platform to perform inline, non-intrusive capture and analysis and inline jamming (error injection). The Xgig 1000 32/128 G FC & 25/50/100 GE platform uses the industry’s first true analog pass-through adapter keeping the linear nature of signal over copper connections. The platform offers unmatched visibility to the OSI Physical layer such as Auto Negotiation, Link Training and Forward Error Correction (FEC).


  • Capture Auto Negotiation
  • Link Training
  • FEC Features
  • Largest trace capture buffers
  • Performance measurements
  • Adjustable payload size
  • Drag-and-drop filters
  • Exchange view
  • Protocol view
  • Customized filters
  • SCSI Exchange view
  • Protocol tree view
  • Histogram view
  • Transmitter Training view
  • Filter/search/hide tool


  • Provides a unified platform to  troubleshoot server connections to Top-of-Rack Switch supporting both copper and optical connections
  • Supports all application protocols in the data center environment used in traditional SANs, Hyper-convergence and clustering like FC, FCoE, SCSI, iSCSI, iWARP, iSER, RoCE, RoCEv2, SMBD, NVMe over Fabrics and VXLAN
  • Supports both 25G Ethernet 50G Consortium and IEEE 802.3by with support for all FEC modes
  • Supports RS FEC as per IEEE 802.3bj spec for 100GE
  • Supports features to enable debugging of all OSI layers from the Physical layer to the Application layer
  • Reduces downtime and saves SLA-management costs with an industry-proven, reliable analytical/troubleshooting solution
  • Improves storage and network services management with comprehensive IO-performance statistics


  • Analysis
  • Error injection (jamming)
  • Enable server clustering networking tests
  • Support RoCE, ROCEv2
    • SMB over RDMA (SMB Direct)
  • Support iWARP
  • Support iSER – iSCSI over RDMA
  • NVMe over Fabrics
  • Support Openflow/SDN

Key Features

32/128 G FC Features

  • Analog pass-through and digital retime modes
  • Support of copper cables for backplane applications
  • Full capture of transmitter training and analysis
  • Supports FEC-enabled traffic
  • 32 G FC: RS-FEC (Clause 91)

25 GE Features

  • Based on 25 GE Ethernet 50G Consortium and IEEE 802.3by
  • Support for capture of Auto Negotiation and Link Training
    • FEC modes supported
      • No FEC
      • BASE-R FEC (Clause 74)
      • RS-FEC (Clause 91/108)
  • All DAC cables supported for 25 GE

50 GE Features

  • Based on 25G Ethernet 50G Consortium and IEEE 802.3by
  • Support for capture of Auto Negotiation and Link Training
  • BASE-R FEC supported
  • Lane selector allowing to combine lanes into a 50 GE link

100 GE Features

  • Based on IEEE 802.3bj specifications
  • Support  for capture of Auto Negotiation and Link Training
    • RS-FEC Supported

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