FST-2000 TestPad (Version 6 UIM) (Discontinued)

The latest TestPad platform providing process improvement and back-office integration

The FST-2000 TestPad represents the latest TestPad platform development allowing technicians to use Internet technology, a remote graphical user interface (GUI), and various wireless connectivity tools to lower the cost of the testing process. The FST-2000 is a TechSync-enabled solution.


  • Internet browser option allows for access to a company's Intranet for retrieval of M&Ps, engineering records, and work orders. 
  • Wireless technologies including 802.11 and Bluetooth make laptop integration easy for a field technician. 
  • Remote GUI feature allows for testing from browser-capable remote devices, such as laptops, PCs, and pocket PCs.


  • Workorder integration and close-out testing via PC integration - Enables integration with PC devices for access to back-office systems and workorder databases, utilizing Internet-based technologies. Connects to a laptop via wireless or wired connections. 
  • Remote probe - Allows centrally located technicians to access and perform testing with the FST-2000 located at the customer premise or unmanned CO using analog dial-up/Ethernet access and a standard Internet browser. 
  • Technical support - Enables technical support personnel to provide real-time support to technicians in the field who may have problems setting up test equipment using a variety of modem technologies and a standard Internet browser. 
  • Reduces the need for bringing a laptop to every job - Provides basic PC functionality, including file transfer, VT100 emulation, printing capabilities, Internet browser, Ethernet, and analog modem access.

Key Features

  • Browser-based remote GUI provides a compatible solution with previously purchased PC devices and operating systems. 
  • Connectivity via RS-232, USB-compatible, and optional 10-BaseT or 100-BaseT access. 
  • Support of Bluetooth, Ethernet, 802.11b, and analog modems (via PCMCIA cards) allow for various connectivity options. 
  • Standard Internet browser to gather information or use Internet-based applications. 
  • Support for custom and pre-configured test scripts.