HST3000 will not power off

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Viavi HST3000 will not power off. No response to pressing the power button.
If the screen is blank or showing a only a logo then unit is not booting up all the way. The unit has to reach a certain stage before there will be a response to the power button. If it remains in that state for longer than 2 minutes then the unit has a hardware or software issue. If the unit is at a normal menu screen and will navigate using other buttons then there is mostly likely a hardware issue with the power button or power circuitry. Make sure the power button is not stuck. You should be able to feel it depress and come back up and it normally makes a small clicking sound. If the unit will still not power off then remove the battery in the rear, inspect the contacts and then reseat the battery. If the power button is still non-responsive then the unit needs to be returned for service.