Test, find, and fix return path issues quickly and easily with new test features for the OneExpert CATV field analyzer platform.

The new VIAVI Ingress Expert enables simpler troubleshooting and turn-up with powerful persistence analysis, return signal generation, and loopback features.

May 25, 2017 — The latest update to the VIAVI OneExpert CATV firmware unleashes powerful return path testing capabilities that give technicians a better view of upstream impulse noise with Ingress Expert, and the ability to test return gain/loss with test signal generation and loopback measurements.

Return Testing Enhanced

Ingress Expert provides a persistence "heat map" of the return spectrum, helping technicians find intermittent impulse noise even in service signal occupied spectrum areas. Return Signal Generator and Loopback Testing enables the technician to generate up to 8 test signals in the return band to test gain/loss of a specific component or in the network. The loopback capability allows a normalization and then provides a table listing the simultaneous, continuously updated measurements of carriers relative to the stored reference.


  • Clear view of impact to service carriers with Ingress Expert with HyperSpectrum™ ensures that the entire impulse is captured
  • See what you've been missing with a persistence 'heat map" that enables view of ingress or impulse noise within carrier-occupied spectrum
  • Speed return testing and alignment with a built-in multi-frequency return signal generator with loop-back for onsite component verification

A clean return path is critical to high speed data performance in HFC networks. Return path noise and ingress issues are a primary concern in cable networks, and technicians spend much time testing and troubleshooting, and need a tool that helps them see clearly when there are problems for quicker find and fix.

VIAVI is the worldwide leader in cable field instruments, and OneExpert CATV is the new leader of the pack. The platform has won BTR Diamond awards every year since its introduction.

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