VIAVI Solutions introduces a new super-versatile network and service tester for techs and contractors

Your all-in-one network & service test solution to measure performance to and within the customer premises

VIAVI releases a unique Network & Service Companion; the first instrument to combine a PON test interface (ONU/ONT emulation) with Ethernet and high-end WiFi test interfaces to make network delivery validation and service distribution testing a simple and speedy process for any frontline tech, beginner or expert.

Whether you work with PON, Ethernet, or WiFi, the Companion has you covered.


  • Simply test everything anywhere – Combines network delivery and in-premises service testing with PON, Ethernet up to 10G and high-end WiFi test interfaces, enabling a fast demarcation when troubleshooting
  • Fast and simple – One button press ‘OneCheck’, complete test and analysis via any interface in under 1 minute
  • Reduce complaints, calls backs and customer churn – testing at every access point (PON, Ethernet, WiFi)
  • Drive best practice and test compliance – ensure all required tests/checks are performed for robust service installs and turn-up/activation
  • Service evaluation against whatever benchmark is needed – Multiple levels of gigabit throughput testing (FTP SpeedCheck, Ookla Speedtest, TrueSpeed RFC-6349) on all test interfaces
  • Optimize and advise on WiFi coverage & performance – test and educate end users with simple room-by-room analysis
  • On-board report generation – submission via the cloud (StrataSync) or direct email (smart phone / tablet)

The challenge for techs and contractors has always been to quickly and comprehensively prove performance of network services without missing any important steps or tests, reducing install/turn-up times and call backs – all of which are covered with the VIAVI Companion for both residential and enterprise Ethernet services.

Combining all PON, Ethernet and high-end WiFi test interfaces makes the Companion suitable for use in a wide range of access networks for FTTH, 5G front-haul, CATV, and xDSL/Gfast.

For more information on the NSC-100, visit the website or contact your local VIAVI representative

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