Social Narrative

Our Social narrative has been framed by the amount of disruption in the world over the past 15 months. We have been able to reflect on how we responded to the COVID-19 crisis, to address and evolve in the ways we work together as a global community, and to identify the needs across our organization for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to come to the forefront. We continue to respond to the needs of our global employees and their communities throughout this crisis. Through our actions, we continue to build and refine on the working environment we want that supports our shared values as a company.

Being Adaptive and Supporting Our Employees in the Face of COVID-19

We instituted a COVID-19 Committee at the executive level to set global policy and identified Pandemic Response Teams (PRTs) by region and site. Return to work guidance was updated along with changing conditions and communicated regionally and globally. The guidance allowed for flexibility in local application of policy and practice depending on the official health status of the communities where we do business.

Our Pandemic Response Teams immediately established protocols to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to create a safe environment for manufacturing sites where remote work was not possible. Protocols included temperature screenings and health questionnaires to ensure on-site safety for our employees and their families. The committee and local PRTs communicated frequently with the organization, while monitoring the situation and adjusting as conditions evolved. In early 2020, we rapidly adapted our working schedules and adjusted 67% of our workforce to remote or hybrid working. Supporting our employees with work flexibility during COVID-19 was a leading consideration which also allowed for us to experiment with roles that were traditionally limited to on premise.

Our Approach to Working

As we prepare for our future return to work, we’ve articulated our philosophy about working which includes the belief in the value of the having our team members interacting in a workspace. These benefits include higher productivity, increased creativity, developing an esprit-de-corps and building trust within and between teams. We will continue to refine on our practices with respect to hybrid working, while recognizing the unique needs of our workforce as conditions evolve.

Bridging Diversity to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We are widening our understanding of Diversity to embrace not only identity, but also the practices and behaviors that create the right environment for people to succeed. We will continue to communicate to our employees about diverse perspectives, while adding the insight to understand the value of equity in our practices, and inclusiveness to our behaviors. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Pillars will embody our approach as we make progress in this space.

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Responding to the Needs of Our Employees and Community

In 2017 we instituted an Employee Disaster Relief Program to support our employees who were victim to the wildfires in the Santa Rosa location. We have now expanded this Program to include other events that may affect our employees, like natural disasters, life-threatening or serious illness or injuries, death incidents or other extreme circumstances, like pandemics. We communicated and promoted the fund to our employees globally. When urgent support was needed following the surge in COVID-19 cases in India, we were able to respond with grants to support employees and their families who were adversely impacted.

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Business Values

"If we don't catch and ride these waves, we will stumble. These are the values that will sustain our winning momentum. We want to embody these values and become good at them to create a winning company."
– Oleg Khaykin, CEO

The VIAVI business values articulate the internal cultural identity for VIAVI employees and provide shared understanding of expectations across the company. The values were identified through global workshops to understand the winning components of working at VIAVI, as well as the guiding principles that will help guide us to achieve our objectives globally. The values clarify the desired operating environment of the employees and management. The six values reinforce the importance of how we approach getting the work done together in service of our winning company strategy.

Exhibit Business Acumen

Use domain knowledge to make good business decisions and understand the impact they have on the overall business.

Manage Complexity & Ambiguity

Make sense of complex, often ambiguous business situations to define effective business strategy.

Take Informed Risks

Identify high potential opportunities and take informed risks (i.e., decisions with well-defined upsides and manageable downsides) to capture opportunities.

Cultivate Innovation

Create new and better ways for the organization to be successful through aggressive engineering and business environment.

Drive Vision & Purpose

Define a compelling vision and strategy that motivates others to action.

Foster a Winning Culture

Create and institutionalize a “great place to work” and “performance” work environment.

People Strategy and Human Capital Management

The People Strategy defines the talent priorities and the roadmap for the execution of human capital investment in support of our business strategy. We’ve newly embedded Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as part of our People Strategy to ensure that we begin to view the way we deliver through the DEI lens and identify areas of opportunity to improve our processes. Our HR team partners with the business to ensure that the right programs and investment are prioritized and aligned to accelerate our corporate strategy.

Talent Planning

Forward looking planning of skills and capabilities and ensuring the right talent is in the right roles

We revamped our job leveling system globally to ensure we have the right people in the right roles, creating a foundation for career development and the talent we need for the future.

We continue to drive important talent conversations, including succession planning and talent assessment at the executive level to ensure that we have a good understanding of our leadership bench and begin to assess critical roles for the future.

Talent Acquisition

Delivery of an exceptional candidate experience

We’ve recently refreshed our careers page to share the VIAVI story and how we’re driving the next chapter of innovation.

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Candidates want to know what it’s like to work here. We’re sharing personal insights about the employee experience in Life at VIAVI.

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Talent Rewards

Management and delivery of compensation and benefits to drive employee and business outcomes

We share our approach to work and how we can grow together here.

What We Value

Talent Development

Providing the experience, exposure, and education opportunities to drive business results

Our talent development programs promote the VIAVI Business Values through a passion for learning and performance. We are developing relevant and useful learning resources for our employees, managers, and leaders that invite a growth mindset and create an appetite for lifelong learning.

  • Developing Leaders

    Enabling critical leadership practices was a top priority in 2021, as we instituted our first global, virtual Leadership Development Program. Over 50% of our Manager and Director population have joined the Manager Development and Strategic Leadership Series. We quickly adapted to virtual learning given the pandemic to create a rich learning journey for our leaders who joined their global, cross-functional peers in cohorts to learn together, observe, apply and reflect on the course teachings. Through a mix of live online events and independent learning, learners commit 1-2 hours weekly focusing on self-development to practice new behaviors. This newly formed global cohort of leaders will continue their experience through conversations focused on increasing personal impact, expanding their internal networks and leading for the future at VIAVI.

  • Accelerating Performance through Check-ins

    Our focus on broad based Manager Development reinforces the need to provide timely coaching and feedback while creating high-performing teams. Role-based learning paths are tailored to new and experienced levels of management to ensure learner relevance and enable sustained behavior change. We continue to drive talent conversations at all levels, which is complemented by Everyday Development, our performance management check-in process. Check-ins ensure that teams are being coached and supported throughout the year with relevant and timely discussions on Expectations, Feedback and Development. Both managers and employees have a role to play to ensure that they are connected on the activities that drive our business forward. Our employees can expect to engage regularly with their manager, and to have their support to accelerate their performance and development. Remote learning and working continued to be relevant as people continued to adapt through global change. We updated employees weekly with curated learning resources covering relevant themes like anti-racism, building personal resilience, working effectively in a remote environment to help our employees to be more agile, stay productive and focused while continuing their development on any device.

  • Managing Learning and Compliance

    Learning and development priorities also include ensuring that we have high standards in terms of compliance training completion. We manage compliance trainings through our LMS system including our Code of Business Conduct, and Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Managers and Employees which have over 98% completion rates. For the first time, we extended the Prevention of Sexual Harassment training to all non-US based employees.

  • R&D Early-Career Programs

    Our programs offer recent engineering graduates a diverse mixture of experiences and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally by providing opportunities for these new VIAVI employees to embrace other cultures and provide a true global view and appreciation. We feel this exposure will enable their future success and help them to become ambassadors for future hires. Explore Early-Career Programs

    Network and Service Enablement (NSE) Early-Career Program

    Optical Security and Performance (OSP) Early-Career Program

    Network and Service Enablement  (NSE) Early-Career Program

    This, global multi-year rotation program is open to recent graduates completing an undergraduate or graduate degree program in Engineering, Computer Science, or related disciplines. We partner with local universities in multiple countries to attract talented Graduates from communities in which we work and enhance the diversity of the program and our company. During the two-year program, graduates rotate to different projects and countries, working alongside some of the best engineers in the industry on a variety of R&D projects involving the latest cutting-edge technologies. At the end of the program, graduates will return to their home location having gained exposure to multiple projects, teams and cultures and built a network of peers who are also starting their careers at VIAVI. This year’s newly hired graduates will receive customized learning plans to support their transition and be assigned a technical mentor to help guide them through the two-year developmental program.

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    Optical Security and Performance (OSP) Early-Career Program

    OSP Early-career is a two-year program for highly qualified engineering graduates. This program develops new graduates’ technical and leadership skills through a series of rotations in functional and manufacturing areas in our Santa Rosa, California facility. The site manufactures products for applications in anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, government, healthcare, and automotive markets. Graduates work closely with our expert engineering talent and rotate within the facility to learn important skills in optical metrology, materials characterization, optical coating design, roll-to-roll vacuum coating, sputter deposition, quality systems, and Process Engineering. The rotations, supplemented by short courses in key technology areas, are designed to provide new graduates with the skill set and the path required to qualify for a potential role in Optical Thin Film Coating Process Engineering in one of our Santa Rosa Operations Engineering groups.

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  • Career Paths

    Developing your path in VIAVI requires learning more about our business.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at VIAVI

DEI Mission

Our commitment to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

As an international company, the diversity of our workforce is important to VIAVI. We are striving to promote and maintain an inclusive work environment free of unlawful discrimination, retaliation and harassment in any form and offering equal opportunities to everyone.

"Treating one another with dignity and respect is foundational to creating the culture we seek. We demonstrate this through how we treat each other at work and through our involvement in our communities."
– Oleg Khaykin, CEO

DEI Pillars

Culture – Talent – Leadership

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

VIAVI is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.


Pay Equity Statement

VIAVI is committed to complying with federal laws on pay equity, including the long-established Equal Pay Act, which requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment.


VIAVI Solutions UK Limited Gender Pay Gap Report

VIAVI is committed to complying with reporting requirements in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, which discloses the difference in average pay between men and women in the workforce.


Global Human and Labor Rights Policy

This Global Human and Labor Rights Policy aligns with the VIAVI core values and commitment to protect and advance human dignity and human rights in our global business practices.


Community Investment

Our employees contribute their time, money, and energy to make an impact in the communities where they live and work. Employees across over 50 global sites regularly participate in sports challenges, advocate for others, create awareness, and raise money to make their communities better.

Given the effects of COVID-19 on our communities, our employees rose to the challenge in their pursuit of caring for each other as well as our communities. VIAVI joined in the humanitarian relief efforts in India as part of the Global Taskforce on Pandemic Response, a broad coalition of companies and businesses working together to coordinate assistance to COVID-19 surges around the world. In this alliance, VIAVI was able to donate $50,000 to the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) to provide immediate assistance to India for ventilators, oxygen concentrators and employee support.

Caring for Each Other

In 2017, when wildfires ravaged our local area in Santa Rosa, California, employees established and funded a VIAVI Disaster Relief Fund to support colleagues who lost their homes in the fires. Affected employees received assistance with food, shelter, and other forms of support to help them recover and bridge the time before rebuilding could begin. Employees and partners rose to the challenge to raise over $300,000 in contributions and matching funds. This relief fund was created to address the crisis and ensure a sustainable source of support the recovery of our employees for any future disasters.

This year, we have expanded our Employee Disaster Relief Program to include a broader set of events that are eligible for grant relief, including in addition to natural disaster, life threatening serious illness or injury, death incident, catastrophic or extreme circumstances, including COVID-19. We communicated and promoted the fund to our employees globally. When urgent support was needed following the surge in COVID-19 cases in India, we were able to respond with grants to support employees and their families who were adversely impacted. Our employees continue to generously support this fund for the VIAVI community.

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  • Singapore

    When Singapore was in lockdown in July 2020, the Singapore site management team hand-delivered care packages to our teammates that included snacks and children’s activity kits to help sustain our teams and their families when we were prevented from working together on-site.

  • Latin America

    The impact of remote work, COVID-19 and social distancing left many feeling isolated and missing the workplace community. In July, 2021 the Latin America team launched the Stay Healthy at Work challenge, which included a learning series to build personal resilience and physical flexibility. Team members were encouraged to get outside with their families and share photos of how they were prioritizing their health.

Caring for our Communities

Our employee-led volunteer efforts focus on promoting Education, Health and Wellness, and the Environment.
  • India

    In February 2021, the Mumbai team stepped in to provide relief by packing and distributing grocery packs to 110 severely affected families in a nearby village.

    With India facing acute blood shortage amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the Pune team organized a week-long Blood Donation Drive in November 2020 to help the hospitals collect and build a blood bank depository that was crucial during these difficult times.

    In May 2021, the Pune team also contributed towards buying an ambulance which was used for COVID-19 specific patients.

    In January 2021, to support the remote schooling of local children, the India team contributed a Class on Wheels which included mobile e-Learning kits with pre-installed curriculum for Primary & Secondary classes for all subjects with English and regional language instructions.

  • China

    In 2020, a group of Beijing employees started a cycle to work initiative to promote individual health and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion from cars. This local initiative continues to gain participation across Asia.

    In June 2021, our Suzhou site held a week-long Green Commute Initiative to encourage commute alternatives including cycling, using public transportation, and walking.

    The recycling program has expanded in Beijing with a focus on the proper disposal of masks and general waste, and the active reduction of plastic waste. This included new recycling bins and the replacement of plastic single-use cutlery to reusable cutlery.

  • Germany

    The Eningen site started a fundraising campaign in support of "Stars Sparkle in Children's Eyes" which provides local families in need with Christmas gifts for their children. The team‘s contribution ensured that 1,300 children received presents.

  • United States

    Santa Rosa, California

    Over the last year, many of the in-person agency groups that VIAVI supports have been operating at bare minimum or have been forced to shut down due to the pandemic. Behind the scenes since March 2020, the Community Affairs Team has adapted and continued with important and much needed sponsorships to help our neighbors in our local community.


    Career Tech Education (CTE) Foundation: VIAVI support of the CTE Foundation helps expand innovative education-to-career experiences for students all over Sonoma County. Our support helps to fund these programs and meet the ever increasing demand for skilled workers in the industries that fuel local economic growth.

    Roseland University Prep: RUP High School is located in an underserved area of Sonoma County. Through many years of community support, RUP now models a successful program with an overall average of 97% of graduating seniors attending college. RUP was named 16th in the top 100-high schools in California by US News and World Report.

    RL Stevens School: VIAVI adopted our local elementary school, RL Stevens, partnering with the United Way Schools of Hope program. For more than ten years, a team of VIAVI volunteers has been reading with 1st & 2nd graders, dramatically increasing the student’s proficiency. In addition to the reading program, we have donated school supplies, office equipment, National Geographic magazines, as well as direct financial support.

    Mike Hauser Academy (MHA) program: VIAVI has partnered with Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce over the last 13 years to provide a 3-week summer program for students to learn math and science in "classrooms" located at local business campuses. Over 1,100 students have participated and approximately 700 of them spent at least one week at VIAVI. This program has now expanded to all 8th grade students in the Santa Rosa school district. The program has also become the model for programs in other Sonoma County cities. During the pandemic, the MHA program was almost shut down. After 6 months of planning with the Chamber of Commerce, there was only one company involved (VIAVI) and one school (Learning House) that collaborated to do a virtual only MHA program.

    SSU Scholarship: Each academic year, children of VIAVI employees are eligible to apply for a scholarship if they register to attend Sonoma State University. The scholarship amount changes each year based on the number of accepted applicants.
    Meals on Wheels (Council on Aging): When Shelter-in-Place began, VIAVI provided emergency funding for the Meals on Wheels program. Requests for meal deliveries tripled. This program provided over 10,000 meals per week at drive-up/pick-up sites throughout Sonoma County. They provided 195,000 home-delivered meals and daily check-ins for frail and isolated older adults.

    Alzheimer’s Association: VIAVI continues with its multi-year partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association. This includes sponsorships, fundraising, and employee participation in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraiser. In 2020, the Walk went virtual and VIAVI employees walked on our own to raise awareness in December. This year, the in-person event will return and is scheduled for October 9, 2021. Come join us!


    Sam Jones Hall (Catholic Charities): TheVIAVI sponsorship with Catholic Charities is specific to the homeless crisis right in our own neighborhood. Sam Jones Hall is just about a mile up the road and is the largest adult shelter in Northern California.
    In addition to sponsoring the shelter, in 2020-21 our team donated new sheets, pillows, & towels for their guests. In February of this year, we also held a warm coat drive and many of you donated gently used outerwear. Thank you!


    Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma-Marin: It is the vision of the Boys & Girls Clubs to end poverty in Sonoma and Marin Counties and to make our community the most prosperous and healthy place to live. The mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as caring, productive, responsible adults through many programs and "after school programs".

    YMCA: Enriches community through the areas of Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. The YMCA has a strong focus on the health and wellness for all ages and continues to serve all through financial assistance, with equity and access to all YMCA programs and services.


    Taylor Mountain Natural Play Area: This project was already in the works when the pandemic hit and was completed in Dec. 2020. VIAVI was recognized as one of the donors during the virtual dedication. Mostly natural materials were used to construct this unique play area.

    Sonoma County Regional Parks: VIAVI sponsors the Environmental Discovery Center at Spring Lake. Our sponsorship provides field trip funding to bring kids to the center where they learn "hands on" about the environment. During the pandemic, our funding helped convert the hands on learning to virtual events where kids continued to learn in a safe and educational way.

    Charles M. Schulz Museum: Contains a collection of peanuts characters and history by Emmy Award winner cartoonist, Charles M Schulz. His stories have been translated into 25 different languages worldwide. The museum not only offers exhibits but summer camps and many activities each month. VIAVI is a sponsor of the museum and research center to offer these camps and classes for children in the community.

    Secret Santa: An annual VIAVI tradition during the holidays, the program is run by the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership. Each year VIAVI employees adopt "hearts" and fulfill holiday wishes bringing joy to Sonoma County’s children and families in need.

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