HST-3000手持式服务测试仪 (Discontinued)

业界最佳的三重播放接入网络测试仪,安装并维护以铜缆和光纤为基础的绑定ADSL / VDSL、IPTV、Microsoft TV、VoIP和数据及传统网络.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Viavi will continue to provide TAC support and Repair and Calibration support for 5 years after Oct 20, 2018.

Please consider this product instead:


HST-3000提供最好的任何接入网络测试仪所提供的服务。 在测试精度方面拥有强大可靠的信誉,HST-3000可以帮助你找到真正的问题,效率提升多达30%。 HST-3000带有无与伦比的电话线质量检测和故障查找工具,并具有光纤检查,单对及绑定ADSL2+/ VDSL2、千兆以太网、IPTV、Microsoft TV和VoIP测试 功能,以帮助完善完整的三重播放测试策略。 它也通过现场交换模块和可选软件支持传统的T1、DS3、ISDN PRI / BRI 以及其他接口。


  • 最佳测试精度 - 这真的很重要
  • 多种用于支持xDSL的芯片组 - 市场上最广泛的互操作性
  • 找到真正的问题,效率提升多达30% - 关联电话线、xDSL与IPTV的测量结果
  • 保护您的投资 - 模块化的方式添加千兆以太网、以太网、E1等测试功能
  • 帮助您确定一个精确的、可重复的测试策略 - 自动化测试、专家模式 - 减少错误,并最大限度地减少重复


  • 全面电话线分析套件 - 电话线质量检测、供给及故障排除 - 包括DVOM、开路、TDR、宽带TIMS、频谱噪音、以及电阻故障定位器(RFL)。
  • 绑定ADSL2+/ VDSL测试精度同时保证绑定组的线对
  • 千兆以太网的模块提供SAMComplete/ITU-T Y.1564服务激活功能-带有多项服务和带宽配置文件,自动化SLA验证及故障排除。
  • 独特的基于USB接口的VIAVI P5000i提供了独特的合格/不合格光纤检测
  • 标准的自动化和TechComplete - 通过自动化和集中的、基于Web的管理工具,改进测试流程。


  • 3.8英寸(对角)、1/4 VGA、彩色有源矩阵显示屏。
  • 简约的用户界面,易于使用,最大限度地减少技术人员的学习时间。
  • 手持式、坚固耐用、便于携带。 重量轻(1.3千克/2.7磅)。 全天候使用。 非常适合现场使用。
  • 电池供电(最长可达10个小时)。 可更换电池组。
  • RS-232、USB和以太网接口。
  • 替代PC功能——包括文件传输、8MB储存、VT100模拟软件、打印功能以及网络浏览器。
  • 内置麦克风和扬声器。 耳机连接。.

Repair and Calibration

Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

  • Minimize business disruption
  • Budget
  • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
  • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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Product Training Options

Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Learn to use the functionality and features of VIAVI Solutions' products online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week followed by a certification test upon completion of all modules.

 Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Virtual Classroom and Certification

Instructor led Coursework: Learn from an expert Instructor from the convenience of your desk. Build your skill sets using VIAVI Solutions products to test various technologies with test and certification upon completion.

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications

Instructor led Coursework: Build expertise using your VIAVI products in live lab exercises with test and certification upon completion. Utilize optional workshop days for field test on your network with your instructor.

Mentorship Consulting & System Admin Training

Instruments: Mentorship Test Procedure Consultation: Application Engineer Days. One of our test experts will come to your site and conduct testing with your team to troubleshoot stubborn problems or write up test procedures.

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