FBE/FBP Analog Probe Microscopes (Discontinued)

Handheld Analog Video Probe Microscope for Fiber Inspection

Handheld Analog Video Probe Microscope for Fiber Inspection

The VIAVI FBP-series video probe microscopes provide the ultimate fiber inspection tool. It fits and operates comfortably and easily in-hand, letting users inspect hard-to-reach connectors that are installed on  the backside of patch panels or inside optical devices.


  • Integrated light source
  • 1/3-inch complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) video camera,
  • Single- or dual-magnification (200/400X) control
  • Image capture button



  • Inspect both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) sides of fiber interconnect as well as optical devices located in hard-to-reach places (transceivers)
  • Inspect both simplex and ribbon (multi-fiber) connectors
  • Use with a comprehensive selection of precision FBPT tips and adapters to inspect every connector and application


Key Features

  • Ergonomic design and controls for easy one-hand operation
  • Unique optics architecture and comprehensive selection of precision inspection tips and adapters for inspecting every connector and application
  • Patented RibbonDrive™ inspection tips for inspecting both X- and Y-axis of multi-fiber/ribbon array
  • Compatible with a full range of display devices or USB analog-to-digital converter for use with T-BERD/MTS platforms or PC/laptop
  • Available in single- or dual-magnification (200/400X)
  • Coaxial illumination provides crisp, clear view of fiber end face conditions