Software Communications Architecture (SCA)

VIAVI products enable embedded systems developers to rapidly create software artifacts using the Component Based Development (CBD) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigms.

Implementing the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), an open specification adopted internationally and evolved through the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF), a consortium of major radio manufacturers, academic, research laboratories and government authorities, the VIAVI products provide multiple advantages over other commercially available solutions for embedded systems:

  • Operating environment agnostic, the VIAVI solution can be used to develop complex heterogeneous systems built with multiple processor types (GPP, DSP, FPGA, GPU, etc.), operating systems,  programming languages, and inter-process communications schemes,
  • Enables distributed processing, with automatic software component discovery and deployment, an important feature to simplify the development of applications,
  • Decouples hardware from software, greatly facilitating porting of applications from platform to platform, significantly reducing development time and cost,
  • Enables reuse of software components from project to project, and allows for third party software insertion,
  • Facilitate software updates and upgrades post manufacturing as the SCA infrastructure provides facilities to install/uninstall software applications after the physical devices have left the production floor.

VIAVI provides two SCA Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for embedded systems: SCARI Software Suite for SCAv2.2.2 and the all new eCo Suite for SCAv4.1. VIAVI also provides a suite of generic SCA Device implementations that abstract physical hardware in tactical military radios.


The eCo Suite is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for heterogeneous embedded distributed systems. VIAVI solution embraces the concepts of Component-Based Development (CBD) and Model-Driven Engineering (MDE).
SCARI Software Suite
The VIAVI SCARI Software Suite is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems.



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