EtherASSURE (Discontinued)

A next-generation service assurance solution that addresses the entire Ethernet Service deployment life cycle including test and turn-up acceptance, SLA/performance monitoring and reporting, and test and troubleshooting with both hardware and virtualized software solutions.

EtherASSURE is a next-generation Ethernet service assurance solution for managing the full Ethernet life-cycle. It is a fully integrated, highly scalable, standards compliant, test and performance monitoring solution, with unique ability to monitor and segment performance in real time, using real subscriber traffic. It enables testing and performance monitoring from the core to access points, between access points as well as testing the core mesh. EtherAssure is a vendor-agnostic solution that provides:

  • Network planning and optimization based on more finite resolution measurements –  e.g., seconds instead of minutes, providing visibility into bursts
  • Enhanced testing and monitoring techniques to accelerate time to isolation and resolution.

EtherAssure builds upon VIAVI Service-Activation philosophy:

  • Test network characteristics in a way end-customers will use it
  • Extensively validate all attributes during the Service Activation process
  • Validate application-layer performance (test the network’s ability to handle bursty applications, and test TCP throughput)
  • Test continuously as networks become more dynamic
  • Automate workflow to reduce dependence on work force by providing operational efficiency, integrated with equipment vendors, and increased test points for improved isolation.

Performance Monitoring
EtherAssure performance monitoring solutions go beyond traditional schemes:

  • Monitor performance and validate QoS using synthetic or real traffic
  • Get real-time performance visibility at every hop, using real subscriber traffic, to isolate problems to a specific segment or element in the path.
  • Understand peak utilizations down to 1s or 100ms intervals enabling visibility into bursts and how they impact traffic shaping and policing and the resulting impact on QoS

The VIAVI EtherASSURE solution provides following capabilities:

  • Next-generation test features improving upon MEF’s Carrier Ethernet 2.0
  • Integration of test and performance-monitoring applications to increase service awareness
  • Advanced packaging of best-in-class probe test technology to enable seamless integration into networks.
  • Support testing in and out of the network and perform mesh testing in the core
  • Enhanced troubleshooting including on-demand packet capture

EtherASSURE simplifies operations with:

  • Easy to use interfaces (drill down circuit topology view for faster testing and troubleshooting)
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Seamless transition between applications, enabling the tools to work for the user
  • Reduced MTTR with SmartResults (user recommendations derived from mining test results and performance monitoring data)
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Architected for a variety of network devices on day 1 and recommended by Tier 1 NEMs
  • Service awareness (common data model used by all applications enables intuitive service view).

EtherAssure Key features:

  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Service activation using RFC 2544 and ITU-T Y.1564
  • Active performance monitoring using ITU-T 1731, and TWAMP
  • Support for VIAVI Truespeed TCP throughpout testing
  • Segmented hop-by-hop view of activation and performance monitoring
  • Support for broad range of end points
  • Wide variety of intelligent transceivers including optical and copper

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