SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 for NG-PON2

VIAVI releases the industry's first PON power meter solution specifically for NG-PON2 deployments.
The latest OLP-87 NG-PON2 Sel is a high-performance wavelength-selective PON power meter specifically designed for activation, install and maintenance of NG-PON2 networks. The OLP-87 supports simultaneous measurement of the individual downstream (DS) and upstream (US) wavelengths, a capability that's crucial where ever NG-PON2 is utilized whether for FTTH, business services or as part of 5G deployments. Guaranteeing service providers a lifetime of network and service performance, and giving contractors an essential tool for delivering reliable networks to their customers. 

  • Properly qualify installs and reduce call backs
  • Easy to use with clear pass/fail information for each wavelength
  • Low insertion loss, through mode operation supporting burst measurement to validate upstream power
  • Winner of a Lightwave Innovations award 
Lightwave award SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 for NG-PON2

NG-PON2 utilizes multiple downstream & upstream wavelengths, to get installs right first time a comprehensive check of those power levels should be made both up and downstream. Some PON power meters available today can perform through mode test but no others verify the levels of the individual downstreams, instead providing a composite power measurement which can mask issues with individual wavelengths and prevent services from turning up.

For more information on the OLP-87 NG-PON2 Sel PON Power meter, visit the website or contact your local VIAVI representative,  or request a demo.


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