The VIAVI GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler provides >20 dB of antenna isolation, ensuring outside GPS signals are not seen by the aircraft’s GPS receiver when simulating a user defined GPS signal. The coupler mounts directly over the aircraft’s GPS antenna.

The GC-130 is designed for use with the VIAVI GPSG-1000 GPS Simulator when the supplied antenna coupler is too small to accommodate the GPS antenna of the system under test.


  • Reliable GPS simulation in hangars and other low coverage areas
  • When used with the GPSG-1000 GPS Simulator:

  • Almanac and TOD update when no outside GPS signal is available
  • Sensitivity testing of the GPS system
  • Dynamic GPS simulation to simulate aircraft movement for testing of other aircraft systems
  • Determine latency of the GPS and transponder systems

Key Features:

  • Provides >20 dB of antenna isolation
  • <1 dB repeatability
  • Supports GPS antennas up to 14 inches in diameter
  • Rugged design for ramp use

Included in kit:

  • GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler
  • Rigid transit case
  • Coax cable, 20 ft. TNC


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