Solving Today’s Broadband Challenges

Solving Today’s Broadband Challenges

Looking for an easier way to keep up on the latest topics trending in broadband service delivery? The Broadband Lounge delivers relevant info in a digestible and convenient format.

Listen in to VIAVI and industry experts cover relevant technology topics to help service providers navigate through the technology maze. Learn what current and future challenges the industry is facing and the different approaches they are pursuing around the globe to solve them.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1

Season 1 – Keeping Up with the Upstream

In this season, VIAVI broadband experts will explore how MSO’s are evolving their networks to keep up with exploding upstream demand, including technology options to consider, and examples of how operators are meeting this challenge.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 1

More than Moore’s – What Happens when Broadband Demand Exceeds Moore’s Law forecasts

In this episode, learn about the three main options that MSO’s have relied on to increase upstream capacity, and how each has evolved to remain viable as networks.  This will lay the groundwork for follow-on episodes where each method will be discussed in detail.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 2

Doing the Splits – How DAA Enables Ongoing Node Splits

Splitting nodes has been the go-to method of increasing broadband capacity available per-subscriber, but overflowing hubs create challenges to their use.  Listen in to VIAVI experts discuss DAA types, how they overcome many MSO challenges, and real-life experiences of field rollouts.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 3

It’s a Stretch – Extending the Upstream via Mid/High Splits

Adding more carriers is an obvious way to increase upstream capacity, but what to do when your spectrum is full?  In this episode, we’ll discuss the mid and high-split options and what it takes to successfully deploy them.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 4

Worth the Squeeze – Wringing More Bits/Hz Out of Your Upstream with OFDMA

By now OFDM is old hat to most of us, but OFDMA is finally being tapped to help get more capacity form every precious Hz of upstream spectrum.  In this episode, VIAVI experts will share what we’ve learned from supporting MSO OFDMA deployments around the globe.

Broadband Lounge - Season 1 - Episode 5

What’s Next? – The Future of Broadband Capacity Challenges

We’ve covered the three main levers MSO’s have at their disposal to increase upstream capacity, but how will these play out over time?  In this last episode of season 1, we’ll take out our crystal ball and discuss where we see the future of broadband going and what should be considered to stay ahead of ever-growing broadband demand.