Railway & MCx Assurance - Drive Test

Drive Test

Active Rail Telecoms Test & Measurement

Tried and proven technology for rail telecoms troubleshooting and network quality assessmen

Collect & analyze rail telecoms performance data

The VIAVI Drive Test suite is the leading railway telecoms test and measurement solution. It is suitable for use with a wide variety of rail telecoms networks, such as: GSM-R, 4G, TETRA, LTE, 4G, 5G, MCPTT & more.

The range includes remote, automated, unattended and manually operated systems, which can be installed on test trains or used as portable backpacks or trolleys. This makes it easy to run tests as single events or as part of a regular schedule on test trains, operational trains or elsewhere, such as platforms and stations.

VIAVI Solutions can help customers select the right Drive Test system for their needs and budget, with the option to scale up their investment later, as required.

Is your railway telecoms network 4G & 5G ready?

GSM-R is a second-generation telecom system, which is forecast to reach “end of life” around 2030, when manufacturers are currently planning to withdraw their support.

If you already plan to move from GSM-R to another telecom standard, such as FRMCS (the Future Railway Mobile Communication System), please talk to us. VIAVI Solutions are already working with rail operators looking to install and operate rail telecoms networks using 4G & Mission Critical Communications (MCPTT/MCPTX). 

In addition, we can also provide 5G testing capabilities, and supply solutions for test trains and wagons, as well as standalone and portable kits.

Solutions are all supplied with appropriate training, support and maintenance packages tailored to meet different client operational processes and environments.


NetProbe Drive Test

NetProbe Drive Test

Tried and proven technology for rail telecoms troubleshooting and network quality assessment
Railway & MCx Assurance - QATS Drive Test

QATS Drive Test

New generation of railway drive-test and scanner, combining measurements collected from both the trackside and the trainside



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