Railway Cybersecurity

Railway Cybersecurity

OT Cyber Attack Monitoring

Supporting cyber-attack detection for mission critical entities such as Railways, Powerplants, Mines, Ports & Transportation

By leveraging Big Data technologies, enhanced with machine learning and A.I., our railway product portfolio offers a comprehensive set of solutions, including OT Cybersecurity, for mission critical entities such as Railway Operators. 

Using non-intrusive passive probes, our tools display the operator’s network infrastructure in real-time and detect issues immediately. They can also prevent issues through machine learning and behavioral analysis, by highlighting potential vulnerabilities, as well as alerting on potential threats, provide remediation guidelines and much more.  

Our cybersecurity solution is a cyber sniffing tool for a range of pre-defined tests and is the first solution available dedicated for the GSM-R network. It can track suspicious messages and sessions in monitored traffic and send alerts in real-time.

Engineers can then conduct further analysis at protocol level in post-processing, to better understand the pattern of attacks.


  • Comprehensive and all-in-one cyberattack monitoring solution
  • Brings unmatched visibility and detects abnormal behavior based on machine learning and A.I.
  • Invaluable tool to comply to IEC 62443 and TS 50701 requirements
  • Possibility to be used as a standalone security solution or integrated to your existing SIEM/SOAR platform
  • Tailored for SOC/NOC, Maintenance and Security Teams
  • Non-intrusive solution which uses easy-to-deploy fully passive probes


QATS Cybersecurity

QATS Cybersecurity

Prevent and management OT cyber-attacks on railway telecommunication and signaling domains: FRMCS, GSM-R, GPRS and ETCS.
NetProbe Owl

NetProbe Owl

Cyber sniffing for GSM-R & ETCS



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