PCIe 6.0

Versatile 64GT/s PAM4 protocol testing platform

Our PCIe6 protocol analysis solutions are capable of supporting 64GT/s data link speed operations with support for CXL and NVMe—as well as new PCIe6 specification features like PCIe FLIT Mode, FEC and TS0 Ordered Set. This VIAVI protocol testing platform enables bandwidth-intensive data center/hyperscale, AI/ML and high- performance computing (HPC) and networking applications.


Xgig 6P16 Analyzer/Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

Xgig 6P16 Analyzer/Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

Fully integrated, 16-lane PCIe6 Analyzer/Exerciser solution with support for CXL and NVMe
: Xgig 6P16 Analyzer/Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

Xgig 6P4 Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

4-lane PCIe6 Exerciser solution with support for CXL and NMVe

Designed for tool versatility, the comprehensive VIAVI Xgig PCIe 6.0 platform features Analyzer and Exerciser functionality on the same chassis, augmented with application-specific interposers.  This architecture optimizes signal integrity at PCIe6, while limiting the amount of individual hardware engineers and lab managers need to purchase, coordinate and maintain.  It also accommodates PCIe 6.0 64GT/s trace capture and analysis on existing Xgig PCIe 5.0 equipment.  The result?  Optimized tool utilization, extended lifecycle for previous equipment investments, and reduced overall ownership costs. 

The transition from PCIe 5.0 to PCIe 6.0 brought significant changes at the protocol level—and with it, the need for strong analysis tools to fully understand protocol behavior.  Designed for PCIe “power users”, the robust Xgig PCIe6 platform enables capture and decoding of the most complex PCIe, CXL and NVMe testing scenarios.  The Xgig Analyzer provides the foundation for deep protocol insights from Xgig Expert software—combining to provide users with incredible utility and flexibility in analyzing and debugging protocol issues.

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