RF Expansion Module for Cassidian ATEC® Series 6 ATE

The RF Expansion Module (RFEM) is designed to support testing of airborne RF components on the ATEC® Series 6 ATE. Developed and manufactured by Aeroflex Test Solutions in partnership with Cassidian, the RFEM provides a convenient platform that is completely compatible with new and existing ATEC® Series 6 ATE systems.

A library of TPS solutions is currently in development by Aeroflex that will cover the full range of navigation, communication, TCAS, transponder, and other RF systems. The product strategy has full OEM support and CMM listing.

Key Customer Advantages

  • Aeroflex designed RF test system, fully integrated into the ATEC® Series 6
  • Simple Ethernet interface between RFEM and ATEC® Series 6 permits easy retrofit to existing ATE installations
  • Cassidian Test Executive interface offers many advantages to the test operator, including visual test set-up instructions and a full menu of performance options and data handling
  • Global service and support provided jointly by Cassidian and Aeroflex
  • Extensive CMM-listed TPS library in development or planned, covering Nav, Comm, TCAS, Transponder, SATCOM, GPS, and other RF systems
  • Complete RFEM and TPS information can be consulted on the Cassidian Customer Support and Services MyATE Internet web site
  • Our objective is to offer test coverage of RF products from all major OEMs

The RF instrumentation package includes the new Aeroflex PXI format synthetic instrument modules for both signal generation and analysis. These products offer very high performance in a compact size, permitting greater resource density in the RFEM tower.

These formerly Aeroflex offerings are now part of VIAVI. Click here for more on the acquisition and brand transition.

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