Priority Service

VIAVI Care Plan Priority Services and Technical Expert Application Center (TAC) Service Levels for Field Portable Instruments used to test fiber, cable TV, xDSL, metro and wireless networks

This announcement describes changes to the VIAVI Technical Support Service offering for field based instruments, including portable instruments used to test fiber, cable TV, xDSL, metro and wireless networks. 

Beginning on Nov 1, 2019, we offer three technical support levels: Premium which includes online training coursework, Standard Plus, and Standard.

All customers enjoy Standard Plus support during the product warranty period and can upgrade to Premium TAC by purchasing a VIAVI Care Support Plan.   

VIAVI Care Support Plan customers enjoy priority service:

  1. Premium Priority Technical Expert Application Support (TAC)
  2. Priority Customer Care service and Return Material Authorization (RMA) for repair or calibration
  3. Priority repairs and calibration

The hallmark of our test platforms is evolving, modular test features to allow customers to keep pace with advancing communications technologies.  The learning process is not just “one and done,” and field teams often have high rates of turnover.

Premium TAC is ideal for customers who value rapid, in-field remote assistance in order to avoid a repeat test trip.  

Care Support Plan customers are issued a priority pin code that adds their call to these priority ques.  Below is are details for the three levels that we offer as of November 1, 2019.  We will provide free Tech Expert Application Support for all VIAVI (JDSU) instruments until October 31, 2020. 

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TAC Level

Coverage Time

24x7 Online Knowledge Base

Product Troubleshooting

Tech Expert Application Support

Priority Access

Self-paced product Training

Preferred TAC
*Exclusive to VIAVI Care Support Plan customers

8am to 5pm

Standard Plus TAC:
Included during standard mfg. warranty

8am to 5pm


Standard TAC:
Included with VIAVI Instruments

8am to 5pm



Coverage Time:
Time zone of the regional TAC: NA/LA → EST  EMEA → CET  APAC  → SGT

24x7 Online Knowledge Base:
Free online knowledgebase with searchable self-help articles and support information that is regularly updated with latest support content

Product Troubleshooting:
Free for Life of the Product: Support service for verification that a VIAVI instrument works correctly or requires repair

Tech Expert Application Support:
Telephone support for applications on VIAVI instruments. Provided by VIAVI technical support engineers and is available during product warranty and or during an instrument support plan. “Can you help me use my product while I am on the job?”

Priority Access:
Priority response enabled by a pin code tied to the instrument serial number to advance the Care plan customer in the que.

Self-paced product Training:
Exclusive to VIAVI Care Plan customers: Training coursework available via the learning management system.

Contact your VIAVI sales representative to learn more and to select the right VIAVI Care Support Plan for your team.