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Accelerating Fiber Deployment & Monetization with Centralized Test


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Scale up your fiber network quickly • Deploy and monetize high speed quality service • Cut workloads to maximize team efficiency

How do you get from copper to fiber in the fastest, most economical way possible? How do you assure great service for FTTx, including PON residential, business and 5G customers? Deployment and monetization of this massive investment can be done in half the time compared to traditional methods using centralized test, inventory, and assurance.

As carriers and investors look to find the best ways to deploy fiber-based services over PON and to capture lucrative 5G and business customers, the demand for FTTx services is increasing pressure to do more activations per day, and to ensure those activations are successful but economical. In addition, ongoing evolution towards 10G PON (like XGS-PON) and 25G services will bring new opportunities along with new recertification challenges to support higher speeds.

In this webinar series, VIAVI Solutions will guide you through the key essential tests required for successful installation, service activation and assurance using remote fiber test and network performance analytics

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Webinar #1: FTTX/PON Construction: Build the network quickly and economically with Remote Fiber Test Processes

August 3, 2022 | 1 PM New York

This session will examine how to test and certify your network remotely during construction, using centralized fiber test. Learn about the key metrics and topology data gained to ensure target optical budgets are met and how to save thousands of man hours to certify fiber construction on time. Gain visibility to your network as built to improve staffing management, monetize your investment quickly and avoid failures.

Presenter: Rodrigo Melo & Stephanie Burris, Product Line Managers, VIAVI Solutions

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Webinar #2: Service Activation: Activate flawless service and maintain screaming fast service for residential PON and business services

August 17, 2022 | 1 PM New York

This session will examine how to use remote fiber test to assure your network as you install a drop line and activate service. Next, we will discuss how to utilize an assurance system to avoid failures, deliver superior quality of service and restore service quickly when an outage or an optical budget threshold issue does occur. Finally, learn how to remotely test true usable bandwidth / speed performance and analyze service problem causes without dispatching a technician to the premises.

Presenter: Stephanie Burris & Tomas Yanez, Product Line Managers, VIAVI Solutions


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