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LAW-X, coupled with the Seeker family of leakage detectors, provides a management system that maximizes the effectiveness and return on investment of leakage systems.

Seeker GPS Leakage Management System and integrated LAW-X application provide a unique way to minimize maintenance costs and maximize efficiency.

By automatically collecting and analyzing leakage data from across networks, LAW-X enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly, minimize tech time, quickly assess network leakage health and gauge the effectiveness of leakage maintenance efforts.

In coordination with the Seeker GPS Management System, the LAW-X application collects leakage location data, plots the data and marks the leakage source location as push pins on a map. Then LAW-X automatically assigns and emails work repair orders to the responsible techs.

Through integration with the VIAVI XPERTrak system, leak data can be overlaid with PNM and QoE data to accelerate remote localization of issues and ensure those impacting subscriber QoE are fixed first.

Off-air signals like LTE can be monitored during driveout testing and overlaid as a heatmap layer on the leakage map.  This allows prioritizing the leaks most likely to impact on network quality

LAW-X is primarily offered as a hosted solution providing lowest total cost of ownership while ensuring server is always at the latest version.  Standalone server software licensing is also available for use on customer-owned IT infrastructure.

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  • Maximizes effectiveness of leakage process and system ROI
  • Patented quadrangulation algorithm plots single leak on map at actual location minimizing wasted truck rolls
  • Automates collection and analysis of leak data from all meters
  • Track leak repair process from work order creation through closure
  • Integrates with VIAVI XPERTrak enabling correlation with PNM/QoE data

  • Hosted LAW-X (Yearly Fee)

    VIAVI offers a hosted LAW option as an alternative to installing and maintaining expensive server equipment and relying on IT personnel focused on other tasks. Under this model customers are entitled to receive TAC support and all software updates offered during the contract period, plus full access to the XPERTrak integration API. Failure to renew prior to contract expiration will result on suspension of server access until renewal.

  • LAW-X Server Software License

    For customers who are unable to take advantage of the Hosted model VIAVI does offer software licensing to enable installation on customer-owned servers. License pricing varies based on quantity of detectors managed by the server. Please consult your VIAVI sales representative for pricing and details. Annual SW Maintenance and Support (M&S) contract is required to receive SW update, TAC support, and access to Premium M&S features such as the XPERTrak API interface. First year M&S is included with SW license purchase.

  • LAW-X Application Programming Interface (API)

    Further enhancing LAW-X’s work order management capability, VIAVI offers the LAW-X API option which integrates directly into your existing work order management system. This integration allows you to continue to use the familiar interface of your established system and to incorporate LAW-X’s benefits of streamlined prioritization of leaks, more efficient scheduling of repairs, and automatic or manual creation of work orders. Combining the leakage recording and mapping features of LAW-X with your existing work order management system will enhance your repair technicians’ productivity and improve the overall health of the cable plant while helping your system remain compliant with FCC leakage rules.