SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTime altGNSS/eGNSS Services

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Compact and Resilient Clock for Critical  Infrastructure.

SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTime altGNSS/eGNSS Services

Solving Industry Challenges

Secure and resilient Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services are vital to support at-risk critical infrastructure from rising PNT disruptions such as intricate jamming/spoofing cyberattacks on GPS/GNSS antennas and malicious hacking attacks on network timing targeting NTP/PTP protocols and GPS/GNSS receivers.

Secure and Resilient PNT Clock Solution

The upgraded SecurePNT™ 6200 series is a next-gen resilient timing clock solution powered by innovative TrustedPNT™ technology and an intelligent zero-trust multisource platform.

Trusted PNT


  • L1/2/3/5/6+RTK GNSS receiver, supporting GEO Sat Signals, and optional LEO STL receiver 
  • Holdover options: DOCXO or Rb oscillator (internal) 
  • Inputs: 10 MHz and 1 PPS for external Cesium clock holdover 
  • Outputs: 10 MHz/1 PPS 
  • System: meets PRTC-A ITU-T G.8272 spec, NEBS certified, half 19” width, rack-mountable 


  • Secure and resilient PNT clock solution with new SecureTime℠ Services, integrating these alternative and enhanced sources on top of GPS/GNSS: 
    • altGNSS℠ LEO — enhanced, encrypted GNSS-independent source, <65 ns RMS accuracy traceable to UTC/NIST, powered with Iridium’s STL service 
    • eGNSS℠ GEO — enhanced GNSS source, with authenticated spoofing detection/ mitigation and <2.5 ns RMS ultrahigh accuracy traceable to UTC, powered with Fugro AtomiChon® service on Inmarsat 
  • Augmented PNT clock for GPS/GNSS-denied or indoor environments 
  • Retrofitting legacy GPS/GNSS equipment by placing the SecurePNT 6200 (integrating the VIAVI Solutions patented μPNTranscoder™) inline between the GPS/GNNS antenna and its receiver, rapidly transforming legacy clocks into resilient PNT clocks at scale