RANAdvisor Backpack (Discontinued)

With easy configuration and full integration with the VIAVI RANAdvisor platform, RANAdvisor Backpack is the complete test collection and analysis solution and the lightest backpack available.

Often you need to perform the same level of testing available from a vehicle-based solution in places that a vehicle can’t reach.  The RANAdvisor Backpack solution was designed in conjunction with major network operators’ engineers and enables a full day’s comprehensive testing in a light and comfortable backpack that can be used anywhere.  Providing the same capabilities as the RANAdvisor vehicle-based solution, the RANAdvisor Backpack accommodates a scanner and up to eight devices for service testing.   Powered via hot swap batteries, it allows you to preform virtually unlimited testing in  places without compromising your testing.


  • Quickly test any complex indoor environment
  • Reduce the time to validate sporting or major concert venues
  • Virtually unlimited testing using hot swap batteries with no loss of data
  • Designed in conjunction with a leading operator


  • Optimization in pedestrian areas where vehicles cannot go
  • Stadium testing
  • In-building testing
  • Airports/malls

Key Features

  • Supports a single RANAdvisor receiver and up to eight devices
  • Convenient and sturdy top handle
  • Velcro top access point to route cable over shoulder
  • Integrated hip belt for less carrying weight on shoulders
  • Sternum strap to reinforce shoulder straps 
  • Pack cover sewn-on and integrated into a special pocket - additional protection from the elements
  • Side battery pockets - large enough to carry spare batteries low and close to the waist
  • Two integrated fans bolted to mesh screening
  • Elastic/mesh shoulder pockets for a snack or easy phone access
  • Single rocker power switch
  • 7-port powered USB hub (W1314A adds an additional 4 powered USB ports)
  • 24-volt input to charge batteries
  • 12-volt input to operate equipment during setup and staging
  • Internal velcro and elastic to hold equipment and cables securely in place
  • Velcro/fabric pockets for RF and GPS antennas
  • Front pocket perfect for convertible tablets
  • Multiple internal pockets and integrated grommets for accessories, cables, and ventilation

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