MCV-1 (Discontinued)

Mobile Calibration Verification Station

Mobile calibration verification unit that is used as a signal source for checking the calibration of both the Original and New DSP Family of Field Analyzers as well as most typical field analyzers.

The MCV-1 Mobile Calibration Verification station provides a known set of signals to verify the calibration of your signal level meters by generating a set of signals that are extremely stable over time and temperature.

To automatically perform a meter calibration verification with VIAVI signal level meters such as the 360 DSP and 860 DSPi, you can simply execute an autotest that is included by default in the ViewPoint Integrated Server. 

This autotest or macro will use a standard channel plan with six custom analog channels set to match each test signal frequency generated by the MCV-1.

When this autotest or macro has been executed, the measured test signals will be compared to a custom limit set that is set to match the combined accuracy error of the meter and included test lead.

Once the autotest has completed, the Pass/Fail result will be displayed by the meter to indicate whether the meter is within its factory specification.


  • Six CW Carriers from 5 to 1000 MHz
  • Fixed Output Level of +10 dBmV per Carrier
  • RF ON/OFF Control of all Carriers at Once via Front Panel
  • Output Terminated with 75 Ohm Load when Carriers are Off
  • Replaceable F-Type Connector


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