4921, 4932 and 4933 RF Shields (Discontinued)

The most innovative shielded enclosure on the market helps anybody with a bulky test problem, even in applications like EMC or emissions test.

4921, 4932 and 4933 RF Shields 4921, 4932 and 4933 RF Shields 4921, 4932 and 4933 RF Shields


The 4921 RF Shield features:

  • Exceeds 80 dB attenuation requirement for RF shielding
  • Reliable, robust design, yet small size and weight make it a portable solution
  • Ideal for high-volume testing; guaranteed number of open/close cycles
  • Suitable for mobile phones of all sizes; approved by leading phone manufacturers
  • Modular conception - A whole concept of shielding and coupling with the 4916 Antenna Coupler
  • Bluetooth option for Go/NoGo testing available

The 4931 and 4932 RF Shield features:

  • High shielding factor for safe testing in all applications
  • High-grade absorption for repeatable test results
  • Works with the 4914, the 4916 and the 4918 Antenna Couplers
  • Microprocessor-controlled solenoid latching
  • Gas springs are outside for more space
  • No finger stocks to ease maintenance

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