JDSU and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Prepare a Future Generation of Network Engineers

On January 16, 2013, JDSU conducted its annual visit to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) to strengthen its partnership with one of the world’s most advanced teaching and research universities for telecommunications.

During the visit, Judy Kay, vice president of Executive Operations and Corporate Strategy at JDSU, presented new cutting-edge equipment to the joint lab at BUPT, which was accepted by Professor Ji Yuefeng, dean of the BUPT Information Photonics and Optical Communications Institute.

“BUPT is pleased to work with JDSU to support next-generation networks,” said Dean Ji, of BUPT. “The contributions provided by JDSU are of great value to experimental studies and teaching at the university. Both teachers and students at BUPT have benefited from the collaboration.”

JDSU and BUPT established an optical network test lab and scholarship program in 2011. JDSU has donated a wide range of instruments for the lab that enable live network testing for all stages of optical network development for BUPT students. This new equipment, including tunable lasers, transponders, optical amplifiers, pump lasers and modules, will be used in teaching labs and research labs to conduct optical communication transmission experiments.

JDSU also funds an annual scholarship program for BUPT students pursuing advanced telecommunications and engineering degrees. Currently 72 students have received the scholarship for studies and research in the areas of information and communications networks.

“JDSU is pleased to partner with such a distinguished university to help advance learning in the telecommunications sector,” said Kay of JDSU. “We are honored to contribute to the cultivation of next-generation network talents and innovation in China.”

To learn more about Beijing University, please visit http://www.bupt.edu.cn/