JDSU demonstrates latest high-precision laser technology for macro-materials and micromachining processes at LASER World of Photonics

Company showcases innovations that enable high-growth materials design, improve process efficiencies and meet modern demands of industrial materials

June 18, 2015 – Munich, Germany – JDSU will be exhibiting its latest technology that are being used for a variety of macro- and micro-machining applications at LASER World of Photonics next week. Additionally, the company will be showcasing its portfolio of lasers meant for metrology, life sciences and research.

At its booth, #A2.421, JDSU will be featuring:

  • CORELIGHT kW-Class Fiber Laser and Direct-Diode Laser Turn-Key Systems and Engines
    Each CORELIGHT system or engine incorporates one or more high-brightness 2.1 kW ytterbium fiber laser modules or 2.1 kW direct-diode laser modules. Building upon high-power modules allows for straightforward power scaling while maintaining the high optical brightness necessary for ultra-fast, precise materials processing. CORELIGHT Series laser products are ideally suited for processing steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and many other metals.
  • PicoBlade®
    A precise, fast, full-featured picosecond system that features cold-ablation process, the PicoBlade® laser is suited for demanding industrial Applications and the requirements of system integrators. PicoBlade includes pulse-on-demand, FlexBurst pulse control, high average power, and industry-leading pulse repetition rates. The PicoBlade laser system, which plays a key role for hundreds of existing customers in defect-free manufacturing, has the unique flexibility to combine best-in-class beam quality and pulse flexibility through real-time energy control.
  • Q-Series Lasers
    JDSU’s Q306 laser delivered 40W of UV power in the exact same form factor as its Q305 predecessor. The new Q306 provides the same process advantages that the previous Q-Series models in terms of pulse profile, while providing higher average power to enable higher overall throughput with the of up to 1mJ of energy at 355nm with an exceptional beam quality (M2 less than 1.2). 
  • NPRO Lasers
    The JDSU NPRO 125/126 diode-pumped lasers produce up to 700mW of continuous-wave (CW), single-frequency output at either 1064 nm or 1319 nm. Its key features include fiber-optic or free-space output, narrow linewidth, low noise, frequency tunability, and adjustable power. The NPRO 125/126 lasers are used for a variety of applications including fiber-optic sensing, coherent communications, remote antenna links, optical heterodyne, lidar oscillators, and passive sonar.
  • ST Series Fiber Laser Pump
    The ST Series The highly integrated and ultra-compact 140W ST Series Fiber Laser Pump is the highest brightness diode laser in the market providing state-of-the-art electrical to optical power conversion efficiency of 50%, and remarkable robustness and reliability. This performance level enables simpler, lower cost, and more robust fiber laser design alternatives, and has brought the power of KW fiber lasers to a wider range of machine tool customers.
  • Solid-state lasers
    JDSU’s continuous-wave and pulsed-diode-pumped solid-state lasers cover a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to near-IR, with low noise and excellent beam quality. These lasers have been designed for easy integration. Some products offer an option for fiber coupling into a single-mode fiber. Typical applications include metrology, interferometry, DNA sequencing, and flow cytometry.
  • Ultrafast scientific lasers
    JDSU’s ultrafast scientific lasers offer low-volume, turn-key, customer-friendly operation without compromising reliability. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including research to the life sciences and metrology. JDSU’s comprehensive portfolio delivers a full range of performance, generating pulses from <50 fs to >500 ps, wavelengths from 260 to 1550 nm, output power up to 50 W, energy up to 1 mJ, and frequencies from single pulses to >25 GHz.

Additionally, JDSU experts will be presenting three sessions at LASER World of Photonics:

  • Erik Zucker, JDSU Senior Director, Lasers Product & Technology Strategy, is scheduled to present two sessions at LASER Photonics World:
    • Laser and Applications in Macro- and Micro-Materials Processing — Monday, June 22, 2 – 2:20 p.m., Forum Hall A3
    • Multi kW Fiber Laser Modules and Engines Enabled by High-Brightness Laser Diode Pumps — Wednesday, June 24, 10:25 – 10:40 a.m., Forum Hall B3 Vesna
  • Markovic, Andreas Rohrbacher, Peter Hofmann, Wolfgang Pallmann, Simonette Pierrot, Hubert Ammann and Bojan Resan will be presenting “160 W 800 fs Laser System without CPA for High Speed Surface Texturing” Thursday, June 25, 8:30 – 8:45 a.m. in Room 14a.

About JDSU

JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) innovates and collaborates with customers to build and operate the highest-performing and highest-value networks in the world.  Our diverse technology portfolio also fights counterfeiting and enables high-powered commercial lasers for a range of applications. Learn more about JDSU at www.jdsu.com and follow us on JDSU Perspectives and YouTube.


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