MAP Series O-Band Optical Amplifier (SOA/mSRC-C23000SA)

MAP Series O-Band Optical Amplifier (SOA/mSRC-C23000SA)

Single-channel, polarization-independent semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)

As loss requirements for 100GE, 200GE and 400GE transmission continue to decrease, optical amplifiers like this O-band Optical Amplifier, have become a critical element in the test automation tool kit, alongside attenuators, power meters and switches. There are three key scenarios that require amplification in a manufacturing test system:

  • The base test system automation and the use of attenuators, switches, and mux/demux optics create path losses that exceed the path loss allowance.
  • The reference transmitter power is not high enough to achieve an overload condition.
  • Tests in manufacturing might be performed in loopback mode, and the DUT TX does not have enough power to achieve overload and guarantee interoperability.

The mSRC-C­23000SA provides enough gain to overcome these issues and ensure receivers can be verified over their full dynamic range. The bandwidth of the amplifier can support the wavelengths used in the LR4 and LR8 interfaces. When set to the disabled state, the amplifier can provide > dB of attenuation and effectively isolate an individual carrier.

The mSRC-C­2000SA has a simple, intuitive graphical user interface (UI) for use in R&D environments. The UI provides controls for setting the power level from 10% to 100% or disabling the power entirely. As part of the LightDirect family of MAP-Series modules, the mSRC-C­23000SA supports communications over Ethernet or GPIB, and can be directly managed using a PC-based automation system or via VNC. It can be deployed in all MAP-Series chassis—the compact ­-slot MAP-­­220C chassis and the larger 3-slot and 8-slot rack-mount chassis (MAP-­230 and MAP-280, respectively). The mSRC-C­23000SA, along with a wide range of other MAP-Series modules that includes amplifiers, precision attenuators, power meters, and spectrum analyzers, help make the MAP-Series series the ideal modular photonics test platform.


  • > 10 dB of small signal gain in the O-band
  • Saturated output power > 10 dB
  • Operating range from 1270 to 1340 nm with minimal spectral ripple
  • Polarization independent input
  • Temperature stabilized features


  • Testing LR4 and LR8 100GE, 200GE and 400GE interfaces
  • RX overload and recovery testing
  • Broadband light source for passive component testing

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