MAP O-band Optical Fiber Amplifier (mOFA-C1)

An Amplifier Design Optimized for Use in the Systems Lab or for Optical Test for the MAP Series

The MAP Series mOFA-C1 is a revolutionary fiber amplifier designed to work in the O-band. Based on bismuth doped optical fiber. Ideal for amplification of LAN WDM and CWDM formats with a single amplifier, the mOFA-C1 features a low noise figure and linear performance that make it ideal for 400/800GE+ transmission testing.

The MAP Optical Fiber Amplifier (mOFA-C1) is the first fiber amplifier optimized for test and measurement applications in the O-band. While simple to control from the front panel or over the remote interface, mOFA-C1 amplifiers meet some of the most demanding optical specifications, including a low noise figure (<6.0 dB) and broad gain across the LAN WDM spectrum.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low noise figure of <6.0 dB and 15 dBm saturated output power
  • Gain from 1270 nm to 1335 nm
  • Supports multichannel applications like LAN WDM and CWDM in a single amplifier
  • Automated gain and power control options
  • Unlike SOA, low polarization dependent gain and independent of back reflection


  • Automated test systems for 400GE and 800GE+ transceivers
  • Power saturation recovery testing
  • OSNR noise loading for next generation O-band coherent transmission

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