Data analysis software

The StealthWare software package transfers measurement files stored in your field meter to your PC for advanced analysis, reporting, printing, and archiving of test results.


  • Provides PC-based interface for field meter configuration.
  • Comprehensive test data analysis.
  • Versatile graphic- and text-based report generator.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) adapts to all PC skill levels.
  • Compatible with SDA, Stealth, MicroStealth, and CLI meters.


  • Certify broadband network frequency response through sweep, scan, and spectrum graph reports.
  • Create and transfer identical test configurations to all meters to yield repeatable and accurate field measurements.
  • Export autotest measurement results to spreadsheets for proof-of-performance auditing, archiving, or regulatory requirements.
  • Overlay historical and current sweep files for network frequency response trend analysis.
  • Create or edit meter channel plans as cable network channel line-ups are updated.

Key Features

  • The Data Center automates and simplifies frequent file management tasks.
  • The Analysis Tool quickly identifies any channel limit violations in autotest or installation measurements.
  • The Graph Tool provides graphical proof-of-network frequency spectrum performance through analysis of sweep, spectrum, tilt, and scan measurements transferred from a field meter.
  • The Channel Plan Tool creates and downloads channel plans and test limits to field meters to ensure consistent measurements.
  • The Report Generator produces a hard copy report of any text or graph file available in the meter. You can create custom header information for a professional report appearance.

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