StealthWare (Discontinued)

Data analysis software for advanced analysis, reporting, printing, and archiving of test results.

Data analysis software

The StealthWare software package transfers measurement files stored in your field meter to your PC for advanced analysis, reporting, printing, and archiving of test results.


  • Provides PC-based interface for field meter configuration.
  • Comprehensive test data analysis.
  • Versatile graphic- and text-based report generator.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) adapts to all PC skill levels.
  • Compatible with SDA, Stealth, MicroStealth, and CLI meters.


  • Certify broadband network frequency response through sweep, scan, and spectrum graph reports.
  • Create and transfer identical test configurations to all meters to yield repeatable and accurate field measurements.
  • Export autotest measurement results to spreadsheets for proof-of-performance auditing, archiving, or regulatory requirements.
  • Overlay historical and current sweep files for network frequency response trend analysis.
  • Create or edit meter channel plans as cable network channel line-ups are updated.

Key Features

  • The Data Center automates and simplifies frequent file management tasks.
  • The Analysis Tool quickly identifies any channel limit violations in autotest or installation measurements.
  • The Graph Tool provides graphical proof-of-network frequency spectrum performance through analysis of sweep, spectrum, tilt, and scan measurements transferred from a field meter.
  • The Channel Plan Tool creates and downloads channel plans and test limits to field meters to ensure consistent measurements.
  • The Report Generator produces a hard copy report of any text or graph file available in the meter. You can create custom header information for a professional report appearance.

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