Seeker X

Digital Leakage Management System

Fully frequency-agile connected solution to quickly and accurately find network shielding weaknesses regardless of channel lineup or plant architecture including high-split networks.

Seeker X

The VIAVI Seeker X leakage detector provides the agility to monitor leakage anywhere in a channel lineup, with the sensitivity and speed to accurately detect leaks that other systems miss.

With support for up to 4 concurrent monitoring frequencies from 130-1220 MHz including OFDM support, Seeker X affords operators complete flexibility in defining downstream channel lineups, while providing true full-spectrum leakage detection. High split networks are no problem for Seeker X with OUDP burst detection for 204MHz upstreams.

Seeker X will detect tagged leaks and ignore untagged leaks, saving time from false alarms from signals not originating in your system, including overbuild situations. In addition to legacy Seeker D tag signals, Seeker X detects the revolutionary new digitally tagged carrier to provide unmatched leakage sensitivity and positive leak detection. This allows more thorough and accurate coverage of your plant in driveout testing and much more efficient find and fix processes for techs in the field.

BTR 2021 - 4 Diamond Award

Adaptable to Changes Like High-Split Architectures

High-split architectures are coming, and Seeker X is designed to adapt to these types of network changes with its software-defined radio-based architecture.  With full frequency agility and a powerful FPGA capable of OUDP signal detection, todays Seeker X meters can adapt to network changes via software updates, futureproofing your leakage investment.

Transition to distributed access architectures is simplified by virtualized tagging capabilities supported by most major R-PHY, R-MACPHY, and R-CCAP vendors. With this approach, no specialized hardware is required in the hub, and technicians use the same Seeker leakage detectors and work processes regardless of node type.

Seamless Transition from Seeker-D

Seeker X detectors and mobile mounts can be dropped into systems currently using Seeker D's with no change to existing monitoring and find/fix processes.    These new Seeker X units can benefit from the increased speed, sensitivity, and OFDM detection on their own, and can monitor two extra tagged frequencies if CT-4 taggers are swapped out for Seeker-D compatible CT-X units.

Regardless of the system architecture or channel lineup, Seeker X provides all the capabilities to find and fix leaks quickly, accurately, and effectively.

Learn more about Signal Leakage.


  • Full-spectrum agility from 130-1220 MHz
  • Up to 4 concurrent detection frequencies, including DOCSIS3.1/OFDM carrier support
  • Supports OUDP burst detection for high-split networks
  • Virtualized tagger support for R-PHY/DAA nodes
  • Supports new Seeker X digital chirp tag for increased leakage sensitivity and improved positive leak detection
  • Mobile Tech app connected, StrataSync enabled, XPERTrak integrated
  • Cost-effective solution backward compatible with existing VIAVI systems


  • Quickly pinpoint shielding weaknesses in the field for ingress remediation
  • Centralized leak localization and management with GPS-enabled drive test
  • Contractors can audit construction without need for tagger using OFDM detection


WFS-1 Low-Band Dipole Field Service Antenna (130 to 450 MHz)

Dipole antenna with 50 Ohm impedance for low band (130 to 450 MHz) leakage detection.

WFS-2 Wideband Field Service Antenna (450 to 1220 MHz)

Wideband antenna with 50 ohm impedance for mid to high band (450-1220 MHz MHz) field leakage detection.

AFS-7 Handheld Yagi Antenna - (580 to 640 MHz)

Calibrated directional Yagi antenna with 50 Ohm impedance for high band (612 MHz) leakage detection.

AVM-3 Vehicle Antenna - Magnetic Mount (108 to 160 MHz)

Vertical quarter wave whip antenna with magnetic vehicle mount for low band (108 to 160 MHz) leakage detection. MUST SPECIFIY SINGLE FREQUENCY FROM 108 TO 160 MHZ. USE WITH THE SEEKER D REQUIRES 138 MHZ.

WVM-2 Wideband Vehicle Mount Antenna - Short Pole (250 - 1220 MHz)

Wideband vehicle mount antenna (250-1220MHz) with magnetic mounting suitable for year-round rooftop deployment even in high-wind environments.

NFP-1 Near Field Probe

Passive near field probe with 50 Ohm impedance for leakage detection in the near field at any leakage detection frequency.

CAT5e Ethernet Patch Cable - 10 Foot (Quad-Shielded)

CAT5e Ethernet patch cable (10 foot) quad-shielded with 100 Ohm impedance and RJ-45 Male to Male connectors.

GPS Receiver For Seeker MCA II and MCA III

Garmin GPS Receiver with RS-232 (DB-9) interface for the Seeker MCA II. May be mounted with the included magnetic mount or bolted to a vehicle roof.

Vehicle Power Adapter with USB cable (CL-9)

Vehicle power adapter for the Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D, Seeker D Lite, 120 DSP, and 802 AWE. The Vehicle Power Adapter (CL-9) is not needed if using the Seeker or Seeker D Mobile Mounts and the Mobile Mount Power Cable that is included with the Seeker, Seeker SE, Seeker D.

Seeker D Carrying Case

Carrying case for use with the Seeker D when out of the Seeker D Mobile Mount. This form fitted custom carrying case with belt loop includes a carrying strap and features storage for the low band antenna, high band antenna and near field probe.


Instrument Care Support Plans

Save up the 50% of standard service prices and obtain priority service when you buy a bundled plan at the same time the instrument is purchased. Care Support Plans offer the best way to purchase extended warranty, premium technical support, self-paced training, and critical maintenance services like calibration services that include software and engineering change order update services to ensure your product is maintained with current software and a calibration certificate. These discounted plans are 2-5 years long when purchased upfront with your VIAVI instruments.

VIAVI Care 支持


标准服务 + 定制菜单:
 现场校准和培训,FAE 天数,


5 年电池和包覆盖 *



* 仅限 5 年计划;如果适用

电池和包会随着日常使用和充电周期而磨损。为了确保这些项目不会拖累您,我们的 5 年计划包括在您的 5 年计划的整个生命周期内进行更换。

在为期 5 年的 SilverCare 或 MaxCare 支持计划期间,VIAVI 将提供一次更换损坏的电池和磨损的软包/手套的服务。只有当仪器被送回 VIAVI 进行维修或校准服务时,才会更换该仪器。硬箱排除在外,覆盖不适用于不带包/电池销售的仪器。

此覆盖包括在 5 年 Silver 和 MaxCare 计划中

MaxCare 配件更换覆盖

当配件被确定为有缺陷或有故障时,VIAVI 将免费为客户修理配件或根据 VIAVI 的判断进行更换。更换的配件可能是新的,也可能是翻新的。所有退回的配件归 VIAVI 所有。适用以下限制:每 12 个月内可更换的配件最多为一个;适用的配件仅包括那些被认为对仪器运行至关重要且随原始购买产品一起发货的附件。如果存在问题,或者在校准或维修服务事件期间,客户有责任将有故障的附件寄回 VIAVI。


Care 支持计划 - Seeker

Care Support Plan - Seeker

Seeker D,Seeker XMaxCare-5




Factory standards to ensure accuracy


VIAVI 根据 TL9000 工厂标准进行校准,以确保您的仪器经过认证,可以准确测量,就像它出厂时一样。未校准的仪器将产生不可靠的测量结果,并可能产生错误的通过或错误的不通过测试结果,这通常会导致您的团队重复工作。我们维护、抛光和清洁所有光纤连接器,修复产品内部的尾纤连接,以确保所有端口保持良好工作状态,并将软件/固件升级到最新批准版本以实现增强功能。VIAVI Care 计划是在购买仪器时以较低的折扣价规划校准的最具成本效益的方式,但是也可以随后以单独的采购订单购买固定费率校准。

  • 确保准确的测量符合网络测试程序的校准和服务级别协议、ISO 和 TL 标准。
  • 确保所有测试传输信号正常工作,以避免出现无法达到验证服务带宽、速度和服务质量 (QoS) 所需的全线速率测试速率等问题。
  • 维护端口和连接器,以保持测试传输正常工作,并延长仪器的使用寿命。例如,如果经过多年的连接周期后,光学连接器和激光器损坏或电气/射频接口端口松动,则 OTDR、TDR 和射频测量将无法正常工作。
  • 在进行必须经过认证的施工、安装和激活工作时,所有网络组件通常必须使用经过认证和校准的仪器进行测试,以保留制造商(如光缆制造商)的保修服务。
  • 精确的射频频率和光波长对于满足测量规范至关重要。如果使用这些工具来验证网络元件、功率电平、传输速率,则不符合规范的工具将导致无法验证网络元件和信号。



What are the most common implications of these issues to the business?


  • 未经校准的工具会产生不可靠的测量结果,无法通过规范认证,并可能违反与您的客户及其网络设备供应商签订的服务级别协议或 ISO/TL9000 标准。
  • QoS 认证可能不准确,并产生重复测试需求。承包商往往得不到补偿,或者可能因结果不正确而被从合格服务供应商行列中除名。
  • 电缆供应商(例如 Corning、CommScope、Belden 等)提供的完整制造商保修(20-30 年) 只有在安装经过校准仪器认证的情况下才有效,因此网络所有者有动力遵守正确的安装认证程序,以保留和享受对昂贵的电缆和光网络元件等的保修。


  • 收入损失、客户投诉和成本增加:
  • 大多数网络运营商将跟踪和审计分包商重复完成的工作,在这些情况下经常会出现账单纠纷。当不符合 SLA 协议或质量标准时,测试结果不准确率高的承包商通常会以更低的价格被雇用,或者根本不会被雇用
  • 对于网络运营商来说,重复出现客户服务质量问题往往会导致成本增加、客户不满和业务损失。


让我们看看 OTN/SONET/SDH/E1/T1 和各种 FTTX、DOCIS 和 xDSL 测量。达到全线速率(1G、10G、40G、100G)对测试服务性能和服务错误率至关重要。如果未校准的测试仪在测试过程中无法达到全线速率,客户可能会得到性能不佳的结果,这将很快引起投诉,或者,技术人员最终可能会寻找不存在的虚假网络问题。

VIAVI Care Support for Existing Equipment


FleetCare plans can be customized to include any service entitlements on your fleet of existing equipment. Please fill out a Service Contracts form for a quote.

  • Any collection instruments with a single coterminous renewal date
  • Each contract is customized with any number of annual terms required by the customer
  • Onsite Calibration, Training, Field Application Engineer days can be added

View Support Plans For Existing Equipment


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