适用于 G.fast、xDSL、铜缆、FTTH 以及 WiFi 的 OneExpert DSL 模块化现场测试平台


加快千兆宽带部署!OneExpert DSL ONX-580 系列可帮助现场技术人员在第一时间修复问题。便于用户操作的多点触控界面和 OneCheck 自动化测试可轻松完成复杂的任务,并清晰地显示通过/失败结果。面向未来需求的模块可确保本产品能使用多年,同时支持接入网络和家庭网络。 模块化平台可扩展以适应室外和室内用例,它以适合的价位提供三种型号:侧重于业务的 ONX-580A、具备铜缆和业务测试功能的标准 ONX-580,以及具备高级铜缆和业务测试的全新 ONX-580P。所有型号均可支持 FTTH 和 WiFi 测试。

Gfast Certified


  • 模块化的平台可扩展新的 WiFi、光纤和 xDSL 技术(包括 VDSL Profile 35b 和 G.fast)
  • OneCheck 可自动完成现场测试,并简化铜缆和 DSL 测试结果,以一致的方式正确地完成工作
  • 一键式 OneCheck TDR 可即刻自动确定故障类型和位置
  • 标准化 TrueSpeed™ 测试 (RFC-6349),让真正的客户体验名符其实
  • 测试吞吐量的三种方式(Ookla、SpeedCheck 和 Broadcom Speedtest)


  • G.fast、VDSL(矢量和多线对粘合)及 ADSL 网络
  • 铜缆、TDR、频谱测试
  • 光纤、WiFi、同轴电缆及布线测试和安装
  • Web、视频、VoIP、TrueSpeed 验证及故障排查


  • 测试 G.fast 和 ADSL2+/VDSL2(包括多线对粘合 和矢量线对、铜缆、POTS 以及同轴电缆/HPNA)
  • 便于操作的多点触控用户界面提供与智能手机和平板电脑类似的用户体验
  • 多个选件可实现一键式速度测试,包括 Ookla 和 TrueSpeed™
  • StrataSync 云架构可实现轻松的资产和测试数据管理

已启用 Stratasync

本产品支持 StrataSync 功能
StrataSync 是托管式云解决方案,可为 VIAVI 仪器提供资产、配置和测试数据管理功能,并保证所有仪器均已安装最新的软件和选件。

Ookla Speedtest Option

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and G.fast technologies are helping service providers get Gigabit per second broadband services to residential customers, increasing their service quality expectations. With increasing broadband service speeds and prices, end-users want proof that they’re getting the promised service speed.

Speedtest by Ookla is a familiar and trusted method for many end-users to check their service speed, but a premises technician typically doesn’t carry around the beefy hardware required to perform a legitimate Ookla test (desktop PC or laptop with a network card capable of handling the gigabit speeds), because it is costly, and unwieldy.

  • Confirm installation or repair service quality before you leave the job. Directly validate Quality of Experience.
    • Reduce call-backs and improve customer satisfaction
  • No complex setup parameters required. A single button press launches Speedtest by Ookla, optimized for Gigabit class services
  • Cut precious job time, especially if multiple speed tests needed
  • Same test application your customer is already using. No need to translate your results to a format the end-user can understand
    • Effective customer education reduces service calls and improves customer satisfaction scores
  • No complex server setup or IT integration efforts needed. Speedtest by Ookla utilizes the extensive Ookla server infrastructure already in place for public use, automatically selecting the best server to use at test run-time
    • Save the cost of purchasing server hardware, software and maintenance
    • Save opportunity cost–concentrate on business-critical activities vs. building and maintaining a distributed server infrastructure

As part of the test industry’s widest speed test portfolio, Viavi offers an innovative and optimized approach to bring residential service technicians the comfort and familiarity of Speedtest by Ookla, at gigabit class speeds through a simple software option upgrade for the OneExpert family of communications testers. Works with ONX-580, ONX-580A, ONX-580P, ONX-620, and ONX-630.

DSL Helper Option

DSL Helper Option

OneExpert Embedded Tech Support
Installation and service technicians are facing a growing range of technology challenges in the local access environment. Along with this, they are typically the least experienced, least trained work group. OneExpert goes a long way toward meeting these challenges, with automated test processes and pass/fail result lists, but in many cases less experienced techs could use some help understanding what things mean. 

The DSL Helper option gives techs clear explanations for DSL results in a popup that can be accessed in the manual test mode. The context sensitive help info is easily accessible by scrolling through results and pressing “OK” when a measurement result is highlighted.

Over time the technician will become familiar with terms and the meaning of results – so DSL Helper can augment your in-house training program. When techs understand the tests and results, this leads to a more successful outcome for installation and service calls, and fewer call-backs. Works with ONX-580, ONX-580A, and ONX-580P.

Smart Access Anywhere Option

Remote Access to OneExpert
Occasionally a technician may face an unfamiliar and challenging situation in the field. With Smart Access Anywhere, a coach, an expert, or senior technician can remotely control an ONX in the field from his laptop or smart device from any location with a secured IP connection.

The Smart Access Anywhere application instills confidence in field workforce knowing they have ready access to support that can coach them regardless of their location. Service Providers can incur revenue quicker, reduce repeat truck rolls, and keep customers happier by solving problems with the first tech on site. Works with ONX-580, ONX-580A, ONX-580P, ONX-620, and ONX-630.

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