Military Avionics

Avionics test equipment designed for military applications, including Mode 5 testing.

VIAVI is a supplier of mission critical test equipment for aircraft avionics. We design and manufacture a variety of test systems that reduce the cost of maintenance and increase mission readiness.


Fast, reliable performance testing for mission-readiness
Provides RF signal generation and parametric measurement of MK XIIA and TACAN equipment
Supports military IFF transponder modes and TACAN
High-end test capability ideal for validating the performance of GPS enabled devices
Reliably performs radiated power and transponder minimum trigger (MTL) level testing in multi-path ramp and hangar environments
Solves the problem of poor GPS coverage in hangar environments or when a simulated static or dynamic GPS signal is required
Combined TCAS and transponder directional antenna couplers for the avionics maintenance industry
For military transponders, interrogators, cryptos and TACAN transceivers
Versatile time-saving portable test set for testing installed FMCW and military pulse radio altimeters



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