High-Speed Networks

Industry-Leading Testing Solutions for 100G, 400G, and Beyond

VIAVI has established new standards of precision and performance to meet the evolving demands of network operators. An innovative, award-winning portfolio of test solutions simplify and accelerate high-speed network testing.

Testing High-Speed Networks with VIAVI

VIAVI Solutions is an active participant in over thirty standards bodies and open-source initiatives through the ITU-T. A commitment to innovation and partnership with global customers and standards bodies like the IEEE has uniquely qualified VIAVI to address the test and assurance challenges faced by operators of high-speed networks.

VIAVI network test solutions incorporate knowledge and insight gained from the committee-level to the field. Ongoing collaboration with leading manufacturers, service providers, and data center operators has yielded the industry’s most comprehensive high-speed network test suite. This lab to field test strategy is reflected in high-density, rack-mounted test solutions for the design lab and sophisticated, portable test devices for the data center or central office.


高达 100G 的网络和光纤测试
行业领先的 400G 测试解决方案




为您的 VIAVI 系统解决方案和仪器产品组合锦上添花并构成总拥有成本的增值服务

针对维修和校准提供换货许可 (RMA) 的客户服务