Act Now To Receive Trade-In Credit for Your Old RPM Cards Toward New RPM3000s

Act Now To Receive Trade-In Credit for Your Old RPM Cards Toward New RPM3000s

Program Ends March 31, 2017!

October 10, 2016 — Operators globally recognize the value of RPM3000 cards to minimize OPEX and reduce customer churn, and as a result there are about half a million nodes being monitored and maintained using MACTrak technology today. For operators who still have fully-depreciated RPM1000/2000 cards remaining in their systems, the upgrade by exchange program has been the most convenient and cost effective method of upgrading their systems to enable MACTrak capabilities.

Upgrade By Exchange Plan Benefits:

  • Receive significant trade-in credit for fully depreciated RPM1000/2000 cards
  • Minimal downtime — receive and install new cards before sending back the old
  • Simple to budget for, PathTrak server provides obsolete card count in single report
  • The most cost-effective method to modernize your PathTrak deployment

As more and more emerging markets finally transition to DOCSIS® 3.0 the demand for reconditioned RPM2000 cards is dwindling. As a result VIAVI will discontinue the UPGx program effective March 31, 2017, and after this date it will no longer be possible to get any credit for your old cards toward the purchase of RPM3000s. VIAVI will continue to sell and develop applications for the RPM3000 card for many years to come; only the upgrade by exchange program is being discontinued.

Applications: Most cost-effective way to modernize your system including full MACTrak capabilities while minimizing upgrade downtime. Enable monitoring of HFC plant based on subscriber impact of impairments instead of just spectral purity. See all impairment types using a single tool.