MAP Optical Matrix Switch (mOSX)

The MAP Series mOSX-C1 optical matrix switch is part of the broader VIAVI test automation switch portfolio. More than just a switch, the mOSX-C1 is a low loss, flexible test path manager. Connecting multiple test paths across the switch fabric enables parallel test processes and dramatically reduce the cost of test.

The mOSX switch is a low insertion loss (< 1.0 dB typical and <1.5dB max), fast switching (< 25ms to full specification) and non-blocking matrix switch. The switch fabric supports a unique any-port to any-port connection fabric and enables both symmetric MxM(for example 8x8), and asymmetric topologies (4x12 for example), thereby enabling users to reconfigure the switch on demand.


  • Increase capital utilization factors, enabling on demand, parallel test architectures
  • Replace multi-layer switching architectures, reduces loss and reconfiguration times
  • Minimize switching variant Drives deeper integration and reduces test set size.
  • Drives deeper integration and reduces test set size.


  • Test system automation for multi-port components, modules and line cards.
  • Manage complex manufacturing test sequencing.
  • Can be paired with MAP-Series mOSW modules to create larger more complex switching systems

Key Features

  • Non-blocking, bidirectional matrix switch
  • Wide wavelength range, 1250 to 1675 nm
  • 1.0 dB typical insertion loss
  • 25ms switching speed
  • Flexible SCPI remote interface or MAP
  • Series Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Connections between ports can be disabled or re-enabled

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