Achieve Mission Readiness with Accurate and Reliable Military Avionics Testing Solutions

Complete Solutions for Testing Mission Critical Avionics In the Hanger or On the Flight Deck

Aerospace is a particularly exacting environment, where malfunction or running out of fuel have a disastrous consequence. This is magnified in a military scenario, where aircraft typically need to maximise their inflight hours, so testing needs to be reliable, repeatable, and fast.

VIAVI Solutions Avionics Test products are used around the world by military aviation maintenance groups to manufacture, test, and maintain airborne avionics systems such as TCAS, TACAN, and IFF. VIAVI has the experience and capability to deliver NSN procedure compliant test solutions in accordance with TM (technical manual and) TO (technical order) tooling lists.

Do you need a test solution that provides reliable FAR Part 43 Appendix 'F' ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and transponder MTL (Minimum Trigger Level) testing in the high multi-path ramp and hangar environments? Or a test solution that provides antenna isolation to ensure outside GPS signals are not seen by the aircraft’s GPS receiver when simulating a user defined GPS signal? 

VIAVI offers a selection of couplers to support a multitude of aviation test requirements:

Are you looking for a complete radio altimeter system that allows the operator to isolate a problem with the antenna, coax, LRU, or indicator? The VIAVI ALT-9000 is a portable radio altimeter flight line test set that uses altitude simulations with true RF time delay and path loss models to test any format of radio altimeter system, including Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter (CARA), and Next Generation variants.

If you need an AIMS certified, Mode 5 solution to test transponder and interrogator performance to verify mission-critical Mode 5 IFF Go/No-Go operation for various aircraft, ground, and ship platforms, you need the VIAVI APM-424(v)5. 

The APM-424(v)5 is a handheld, AIMS certified Mode 5 test set that provides fast, reliable performance for Go/No-go testing of Mode 5 Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) transponders for mission readiness.

If you are searching for a universal AC/DC capacitive system for testing fuel, water, liquid oxygen, or engine oil system, look no further than the VIAVI PSD90-3. The PSD90-3 provides an extensive interface library for universal AC/DC capacitive system testing for fuel, water, liquid oxygen, or engine oil system to troubleshoot and isolate fuel system issues, calibrate fuel quantity indicators, and uniquely detect contaminated fuel probes.

The RGS-2000NG TCAS Test Set is an RF signal generator/ receiver for testing Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) with an option available for testing transponder LRUs. Equipment tested includes TCAS computers, ADS-B In receivers (including ground station), ADS-R and TIS-B ground station transmitters, and Mode S/ADS-B Out transponders (with transponder option, RGSNGOPT10).

The RGS-2000NG is used by all major TCAS OEMs for engineering development, design verification, certification, manufacturing, and return-to-service testing.

Whether you are looking to perform a quick airborne system auto-test, or an in-depth troubleshooting tool, VIAVI has your solution to perform testing around the aircraft or in the cockpit.

Use the VIAVI AVX-10K to conveniently test in and around the aircraft using your mobile device and save and recall test sequences for future use.

In need of a solution to test complex fiber harnesses like those used for critical functions such as radar signal transmission, weapons control, and flight navigation and guidance systems? VIAVI offers a compact, high-resolution multimode OTDR that is designed to be moved around aircraft and sold at a practical price point. The VIAVI Hi-Res OTDR, Optical Switch and ATE Software platform is a compact, lightweight, and portable high-resolution Multimode OTDR solution for automatically testing multi-fiber cable assemblies and harnesses. 

  • Hi-Res OTDR, Optical Switch and ATE Software