HFC Instruments

Complete portfolio of instruments covering all workgroups from contractors/installers through advanced business service techs including fiber and ethernet testing.

The complete VIAVI portfolio covers all workgroups, technologies, and price points, offering the best instrument for each tech’s needs with no compromise in standardization or compatibility. Fully StrataSync-enabled, VIAVI HFC instruments enable the most efficient and effective workflows possible.


OneExpert CATV 信号分析仪平台能比以往更轻松、快速地验证网络性能和排查故障,功能更加强大,使每名技术人员都能成为专家。
The headend/hub rack-mounted SCU-1800 provides non-interfering downstream sweep to 1.218 GHz and upstream sweep to 204 MHz on up to 16 ports.
Robust and compact DOCSIS 3.1 installation and service meters for cable service providers and contractors.
业界首款融合数字频谱视频分析仪和噪声故障排除的平台,专为应对向有线电视融合接入平台 (CCAP) 和Remote PHY 演进的而设计。
轻巧紧凑的 SmartOTDR 拥有量身定制的 OTDR 接口,并能实现任何技术人员都能理解的自动分析,可加快并优化城域网和接入网的现场测试。
The first WiFi/wireless LAN analyzer built for installers at all skill levels with intuitive capabilities for rapid characterization, optimization, and troubleshooting of home WiFi networks.
Tighten up the home coaxial network with this kit, finding leaks using the technician's (DSP or ONX) signal level meter.
可通过 USB 2.0 连接到 PC/笔记本电脑/智能设备测量光功率——使得光功率测量数字处理成为可能,并与 VIAVI FiberChekPRO 和 FiberChekMOBILE 软件直接集成。
自动光纤检测和分析探针为计算机、笔记本电脑、移动设备和 VIAVI 测试解决方案提供通过/失败分析功能。
The I-Stop reverse test probe is a test accessory you can use with signal level meters and/or analyzers for bi-directional measurements with no risk of power damage.
RSVP² for reverse path testing is designed specifically with the CATV installer in mind.
Solution for problematic coax home wiring reduces repeat calls and improves customer experience. With DSAM, comprehensively tests home coax networks in less than two minutes.
The 802 AWE™ is a handheld wireless network test set that is designed to help identify and resolve many problems that are encountered during Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Bluetooth wireless network deployments.
Trilithic 1G DSP
The 1G DSP conveniently combines CATV, DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, Gigabit Ethernet, and Optical testing in a single meter for troubleshooting and maintenance of your entire HFC plant.




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